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"Hold short Entry South/North" - What does it mean?

Berlin Apron often gives instructions to "hold short of entry south (or entry north). Pilots are supposed to hold short of (in front of) those lines. All Entries are clearly visible on the ground. Do not enter taxiway B or C without explicit ATC instructions!

Take a look at the pictures below to see where you are supposed to hold short...

EDDB_Briefing_Entry_South.png EDDB_Briefing_Entry_North.png
Entry South (RWY 25R/07L)
Entry North (RWY 25L/07R


Departing Traffic

First things first - Where to park?

Want to know where your airline usually parks? We recommend that you use flightradar24.com whenever possible.

Still unsure? Check out this page for a short overview of where to park: Parking Positions

How to request your IFR clearance?

Your IFR clearance shall contain the following information:

Berlin Delivery, EJU5873, information C, request enroute clearance (and startup) to Zurich.

Your IFR clearance will contain the following information:

 EJU5873, Berlin Delivery, (start-up approved), cleared Zurich, via LOGDO1N, flight planned route, climb 5000 ft, squawk 1000.

Always report unable if you can't comply with ATC instructions!

Delivery might give you a start-up approval together with your IFR clearance.

Keep in mind, that the phraseology "start-up approved" clears you to start engines ONLY. You are not allowed to perform a pushback without explicit permission from Apron!

Let's talk about slots...

During periods of high traffic, Delivery might use Target Start-Up Approval Times (TSAT), on Vatsim known as slots. This will ensure an expeditious and efficient traffic flow.

What do you need to do?

Remember: "Start-Up approved" only gives you permission to start your engines. You will always need a separate pushback clearance from Apron!

Ready to start your journey? - Pushback

Important notes regarding pushbacks:

Always report unable if you can't comply with ATC instructions!

Which intersection to plan for?

To ensure the most efficient runway usage pilots are requested to plan the following intersections whenever possible. Please inform Berlin Ground on initial contact if unable for a certain intersection listed below.

Aircraft Category RWY 25R TORA RWY 25L TORA RWY 07R TORA RWY 07L TORA
Heavy L8 3600 m M8 4000 m M2 4000 m L1 3600 m
Medium (Jet)
L7 3300 m M7 2715 m M3 2475 m L2 3500 m

Light and


L6 2515 m M6 2265 m M3 2475 m L3 2470 m

Requiring even less runway for take-off? Just ask Ground if a specific intersection is possible.

Finally Airborne!

Great! Now you only have to keep a few things in mind...

  1. Always stay exactly on your SID track. This prevents possible conflicts with parallel departing traffic.
  2. Remain on Tower frequency until you get a handoff to Departure!
  3. Level-off if you reach your initial climb clearance. If not you might cause conflicts with other departing traffic!

Arriving Traffic

Let's start with pre-planning - When to start your descent?

Do I need to fly out the whole transition?

Short answer: In almost all cases no! You can expect a shortcut on downwind when abeam the FAP (Final Approach Point). ATC will mostly aim for a final no longer than 20 NM.

That's why we ask you to plan your descent accordingly!

Use these altitude recommendations in order to make ATC happy :)

The big gambling...

Planning for an expected runway is like gambling. Or is it? Actually not if you know where your airline usually parks.

In Berlin, the runway is usually assigned depending on your planned parking position.

Parking at Expect runway
Apron 1 - 4, Apron A, Apron E, GAT 07L/25R
Stands D01 - D03 07L/25R
Apron B, Apron C 07R/25L
Stands D04 - 22 07R/25L

Keep in mind, that ATC might differ from the rules above if necessary.

Don't know where your airline parks? Take a look at this page: Parking Positions

Almost there! - Approaching the runway

Now it's all about the concentration. That's why we ask you to turn off any entertainment which could distract you. Every second is crucial in order to get all aircraft down in a safe and efficient manner.

Here are some tips in order to help your approach:

Not receiving the ILS? - Here's what to do

Safely down... What's next?

Make sure you fully vacate the runway before coming to a complete stop. You have to cross the holding point completely in order to be vacated.

Please use these high-speed taxiways whenever possible, to ensure the most efficient runway usage!

Aircraft Category Runway 25R Runway 25L Runway 07R Runway 07L
Heavy L3 M3 M6 L6
Medium (Jet) L4 M5 M4 L5

During periods of high traffic, ATC might route traffic via P1 or P2 in order to decongest VC and Entry North.

VFR Traffic

Departing Traffic
Arriving Traffic
Reporting Points

EDDB_CTR.pngControl Zone Berlin/Brandenburg Airport - © openflightmaps.org

Abfliegender Verkehr
Anfliegender Verkehr

Parking Positions

To find the real world used parking position of your flight we recommend the Flightradar24 history whenever possible. 

Flying easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings, Sundair or Lufthansa?

Parking Positions for easyJet

Parking Positions for Ryanair




Here's a more detailed overview...

Airline Gate Area
AEE - Agean Airlines Apron B, C
AFR - Air France Apron B
AMC - Air Malta Apron B, C
ASL - Air Serbia Apron B
AUA - Austrian Airlines Apron B
BAW - British Airways Apron B
BEL - British Airways Apron B
BTI - Air Baltic Apron C
BUC - Bulgarian Air Charter Apron B
CAI - Cordendon Airlines Apron B
CFE - BA CityFlyer Apron B
CTN - Croatia Airlines Apron B
CXI - Corendon Airlines Europe Apron B
DLH - Lufthansa Apron B
DTR - Danish Air Transport Apron A
EIN - Aer Lingus Apron B
EJU - easyJet Europe Apron B, C
ELY - El Al Apron B
EWG - Eurowings Apron B, C
EZS - easyJet Switzerland Apron C
EZY - easyJet Apron B
FHY - Free Bird Apron B
FIN - Finnair Apron C
FPY - Play Apron B, C
GWI - Germanwings Apron B, C
IBE - Iberia Apron C
IBS - Iberia Express Apron C
ICE - Icelandair Apron B, C
ISR - Isriar Airlines Apron B
KLM - KLM Apron B
LBT - Nouvelair Tunisie Apron B
LGL - Luxair Apron A
LOT - Polish Airlines Apron A
LZB - Bulgaria Air Apron B
MSC - Air Cairo Apron B
MSR - EgyptAir Apron B
NOZ - Norwegian Apron A
NSZ - Norwegian Apron A
PGT - Pegasus Airlines Apron B
QTR - Qatar Airways Apron B
RJA - Royal Jordanian Apron B
RYR - Ryanair Apron A
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines Apron B
SDR - Sundair Apron D
SXS - Sunexpress Apron B
SZS - Scandinavian Airlines Apron B
SWR - Swiss Apron B
TAP - TAP Portugal Apron C
TGW - Scoot Apron B
THY - Turkish Airlines Apron B
TVF - Transavia France Apron A
VLG - Vueling Apron A
WZZ - Wizz Air Apron A

Flying Cargo?

Performing Government Flights?

General Aviation and Business Aviation

What about Fictional Airlines

Charts and Scenery

IFR Charts for Berlin/Brandenburg Airport are available at https://chartfox.org/EDDB (Vatsim Login required).

VFR Charts for Germany can be found at:
DFS VFR AIP (Overview)

Airport Scenery

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* It is important that you have installed the current update of Aerosoft’s EDDB Scenery, otherwise the ILS frequencies for runway 07R/25L are not correct. The update can be found through the Aerosoft updater.