Arriving Traffic

We ask all pilots to also read the General section with information relevant to all pilots.


Descent planning

To avoid having to fly unnecessarily long finals, pilots should plan to cross 25 DME NVO no higher than FL100. Remember that all altitude changes require an explicit clearance by ATC.


Instrument arrivals

The primarily used approach procedure at Nörvenich air base is the TACAN approach. An ILS approach is also available during 24 operations for aircraft unable to receive TACAN.

During adverse weather conditions, PAR and SRA approaches may be available depending on staffing and traffic levels.

Visual arrivals

All visual arrivals have to contact Nörvenich Tower no later than 5 minutes before reaching the desired CTR entry point and have to enter the CTR at 2500ft.

Military fighter jets are required to arrive using one of the four jet arrival routes via the initial for the runway in use. Unless otherwise instructed, they shall then perform an overhead break maneuver.
SAR helicopters are required to arrive using one of the three SAR helicopter entry routes. These routes are not available for any other traffic than SAR helicopters.
Any other traffic is required to arrive using one of the standard arrival routes. Jet aircraft may only utilize the Northern pattern before arrival.

Reporting Point
forest Hambacher Forst
roundabout L33 and L264
rail bridge over A61
highway A1 West of Bliesheim
Entry North
bridge Horremer Brücke
Entry East
highway A553 service station Am Alten Hau
Entry South
lake Neffelsee
Entry West
intersection L264 and A4
Initial 06 (non-compulsory reporting point)
farm Eko Farm Nörvenich
Initial 24 (non-compulsory reporting point)
town center Balkhausen


SAR41 can expect to land on the SAR helipad in the Southeast; all other helicopters can expect to land on one of the two helicopter lanes North and South of the runway.

All fixed wing aircraft can expect to land on the hard surface runway.

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