Departing Traffic

Start-Up and Enroute (IFR) Clearance

In Germany you have to request “start-up” to get your IFR clearance. This does not include the pushback, therefore a separate approval is required!

NOTE: The Controller may change your planned departure route due to operational reasons.

RYR123, Information A, request start-up and enroute clearance.


Only ask for Pushback if you are able to start pushback immediately when receiving pushback approval! It might be possible that ATC will instruct you to do a specific routing for pushback (into a specific taxiway, push and then pull foreward, etc.). Always report when unable or if you do not understand the instruction!

Outbound traffic at Positions A1, A4, B1, B4 has to be pushed on taxiway A with facing NE or SW specified by ATC.

EDFH_pushback.jpgpushback from A1 on taxiway A

Intersection Departure

Runway 21 intersection take-off via taxiway E should be used whenever in performance parameters. Departing medium aircraft (max. B739/A321) should always expect intersection E. Report if unable before pushback!

Departure Frequency

Departing IFR traffic have to contact Langen Radar without separate instruction, immediately when airborne. You will always find the correct departure frequency in the ATIS!


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