Parking Position

Please make sure you choose an appropriate stand for your aircraft type.

Passenger flights use parking positions on the Northern apron, while cargo flights use the Southern Apron. B748 and A380 can only park at positions 24A, 26A, 28A, 105, and 106.

General aviation aircraft use the general aviation aprons GA2 and GA3. GA2 is only available for aircraft with MTOM < 2.000 kg and GA3 can accommodate aircraft up to 29 m wingspan and 30.3 m length. The general aviation apron is also typically used for non-US military aircraft of an appropriate size.

US military aircraft use the US Army apron located between taxiways Y and R.

The helicopter squadron of the Baden-Württemberg police is based out of their own apron west of the US Army apron.

Stands 40 - 56, 200 - 204, and all GAT positions are taxi-out positions, no pushback is required.

Stands 61 - 64 can be used as taxi-out position if the opposite position is unoccupied, be prepared for ATC to not give you a pushback on those stands.

Aircraft parked on the Southern stands of the GA3 apron should be prepared to be instructed for straight-out taxi onto N without using one of the GAT exits.


When instructed to contact another controller, do so as soon as possible. This will avoid you having to stop moving or level off. Please do not hold your position to switch the frequency, keep moving on the ground!


Stuttgart utilizes an auto-handoff procedure for departures where Tower will not hand off outbounds to the approach controller. The current departure frequency will always either be noted in the ATIS or part of your clearance.

Contact the departure frequency immediately when airborne unless explicitly told to remain on Tower frequency.

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