For FSX, P3D and MSFS it's highly recommended to have a (payware) scenery installed to have the correct airportlayout available.

Always have charts on board! Frankfurt is a complex airport and you will not be able to find your way without charts! The easiest way to find some charts is to use Chartfox (Vatsim Login required).

Hold Short Instructions:

Frankfurt Apron is complex and many hold short instructions are possible. If you are given a hold short of instruction: Hold in front of the dashed yellow line, do not turn into the taxiway! See the example image.

Hold short of N10 (the dashed yellow line) in front of a taxiway when advised to hold short of it!
Do not enter it!

For departure out of runway 25C/07C you will be advised to hold short of a runway intersection (e.g. L3, L6 or L20). Do not turn into it, the intersection for you will be assigned by Tower on initial contact!

Give way Instruction:

Often you will hear an instruction to continue taxi as number two behind a passing aircraft (e.g. “Taxi via N8 N, hold short of N10, at November number 2 behind company A320 from the left”). This means, you have to give way to this aircraft at the crossing taxiway. Please make sure to follow this instruction correctly, otherwise ask the controller if the mentioned traffic is not in sight or you are unsure what to do.

Blue and Orange Lines:

Used for aircraft up to a size of A321/B739 that they can taxi next to each other instead of the yellow line. These lines are located on N south of Terminal 2 and at N7 between N and L (see image).

N-Blue and N-Orange used at the same time for parallel taxi

Stopbars close to the Runway:

At U, T and Y there are named stopbars to protect the extended centerline of the runways (see image). The name of such a stopbar can be seen at all common charts. Inbound traffic is usually told to hold short of T4 on taxiway T. ATC may instruct you to hold short one of these stop bars. In that case you must not cross them without further clearance.