VFR Traffic


The Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden CTR extends from ground level to 2500 ft MSL.

VFR traffic can be conducted in English or in German.

Aircraft with an MTOW greater than 5,700 kg in the east traffic pattern need to fly at a minimum pattern altitude of 2000 ft MSL and have to remain west of the highway A5.

Traffic in the pattern at Baden-Oos (EDTB) has to remain below 1600 ft MSL, but does not have to contact Baden Tower. Especially inbounds to EDSB via Romeo need to take care about that.


VFR traffic doesn’t require a startup clearance. Initial contact can be made when ready for taxi.


VFR departures should plan to leave the CTR via Bravo, Echo, November, Romeo or Sierra.


VFR arrivals should plan to enter the CTR via Bravo, Romeo, or Whiskey.


The airport has a helipad located in the South located northwest of Apron 4 between taxiways G and Z. Do not connect on the helipad.

The German police as well as the Luftrettung have helicopter hangars at the airport. The police hangar is located just east of taxiway M. It is the west-most hangar on the North of the taxiway.

The Luftrettung hangar is located east of taxiway Z between Apron 3 and Apron 4, and can be reached via taxiway P.

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