All Euroscope shortscuts are available here. Below you can find the most important one for the daily business.

Shortcut Description
Strg + arrow up Copy last line from chat into command line. Select previous line with multiple clicks.
POS1 Send "contact me" message: "Please contact me on XXX.XXX"
EINFG Aircraft select key
F6 Shows the flightstrip
F7 Switches between already opened ASR files
.inf Shows the tuned in frequency of the pilot
.break Indicates that you will go offline soon (undo with .nobreak)
.am Creates or opens the flightplan.
.find + Callsign Draw line to the aircraft you would like to find (not in combination with GRP).

Topsky Shortcuts

Topsky has some predefined features that are available via shortcuts (check Topsky manual for further details). Additionally several maps can be displayed by using the shortcuts below.

Shortcut Description
ALT + D Airspace C / D
ALT + M MVA Langen
Separation Guides Lower (Center only)
Label Gates EDDL + EDDK (Tower/Ground only)
ALT + H Separation Guides Upper
ALT + W Heading guides and vectoring T for training, western operation for all airports
ALT + O Heading guides and vectoring T for training, eastern operation for all airports
ALT + Q QDM-Tool
ALT + X Delete all QDMs
ALT + S Seperation Tool
ALT + R Radar Menu
ALT + hover over FIX name of Waypoint or Airport

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