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Procedures of Coordination


A release is an authorization for the accepting ATS unit to climb, descend and/or turn (by no more than 45°) a specific aircraft before the transfer of control point. The transferring ATS unit remains responsible for separation within its Area of Responsibility unless otherwise agreed. Wherever VATSIM callsigns are used to describe the terms of a certain procedure, this procedure is also applicable for all higher stations that take over the responsibilities of said station. E.g., procedures for an APP-station are also applicable for the respective CTR station fulfilling the duties of said APP station. The use of VATSIM callsigns in this document includes any variation of said callsigns. E.g. any procedure applicable for EDMM_CTR may also be used by EDMM_X_CTR or EDUU_X_CTR.

General Conditions

Coordination of flights shall take place via the agreed coordination points (COP). Coordinated flights shall be handed off via a valid COP. Any deviation shall be coordinated verbally, by text or by EuroScope inter-sector coordination. Traffic shall be handed off at the levels, defined in the regulations below. If a specified level restriction cannot be met due to a lower RFL, traffic shall be handed off at RFL, if this does not cause a conflict with any other traffic. Otherwise traffic shall be coordinated. If a traffic situation is not covered herein, individual coordination between the concerned sectors shall be made. After Transfer of communications, traffic is NOT released for climb, descent or turns until Transfer of control or otherwise specified in this Letter of Agreement.