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This guide is meant for ATC and tries to give an overview over the most common topics in regard to military operations on Vatsim. Be advised that some of these topics may only be performed by pilots who are part of a Vatsim Special Operations (VSO) Organisations such as vNATO or vUSAF. For reference see the the Virtual Airlines Partner Policy. To the author of this guide it seems as if Air to Air Refueling and Scramble for the purpose to intercept another aircraft may not be performed by pilots who are not part of a VSO Organisation. All other procedures mentioned in this article can in theory be performed by any pilot on the network, however, it is advised to first check with ATC before attempting any of the more special operations.

Lastly, I - the author of this article - want to make clear that the available information for this topic is limited. Most of the explanations and examples in this guide are based on trustworthy but incomplete information. Thus, the trustworthy bits of information are combined with good guesses to try to make sense of it and to try to paint a complete picture. I hope that in the future, the military knowledge of this guide can be the basis for further corrections and expansion of knowledge.