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S1 Training (Minors)


  • You signed up for an S1 Basic Lesson.
  • You have installed Euroscope including the latest BETA. You can find instructions here.
  • You have downloaded and installed the DFS_Pack_NG. You can find this here and a tutorial here.
  • You have installed Audio for Vatsim (AfV) and successfully logged in as Observer. You can find instructions here.
  • You have downloaded Teamspeak 3 and successfully connected to the Vatsim Germany server. You can find instructions here.

Content of the Basic Lesson

  • Introduction to Vatsim
  • Introduction to the basic functions of Euroscope
  • Basic introduction to the work as a tower controller
  • Phraseology examples
  • Explanation of the Moodle course for obtaining the S1 rating


  • You have participated in the Basic Lesson
  • You complete the ATD tests "Basics of controlling", "Delivery", "Ground" & "Tower".
  • You apply for and pass the S1-ATSim test.
  • You complete and pass at least one of the SOP tests (CBTs) for the airports of RG Bremen (EDVK, EDHL, EDVE).


After 15 hours of training on the network, you can register in our forum "[SAMMELTHREAD] Training requests for all training phases" for further training. Please note the formalities listed in the thread.

The S1-Minor approvals can, in case of justified doubts, be withdrawn by the leading mentor at any time.