End of training

Congratulations! You have completed the entire controller training as a vController in the RG Frankfurt

and you are allowed to control Langen Radar and all other stations for which you have endorsements, as long as you don't become inactive in between (then you cannot lose your rating, but you can lose your station clearances). Possibly lost endorsements due to inactivity can usually be recovered by training on that station. In these cases please contact the respective mentor in charge.

What happens now? Well, the C1-Rating entitles you to control all stations VATSIM-wide after appropriate introduction. In addition, you can still strive for the C3 rating. However, the C3 rating does not lead to any further approvals or authorizations and very few mentors and VATSIM officials have this rating.

Now that you have completed the entire training in the RG Frankfurt, think about whether you can find a field at VATSIM Germany and/or in the RG Frankfurt where you can get involved in the community. The cooperation with NAV, Events, Tech, the PTD and the ATD (just to name a few examples) is very welcome - although especially Tech, the ATD, and the PTD like to address suitable candidates themselves. However, asking will certainly not hurt.

All that remains is for us to wish you a lot of fun and a good time controlling, flying, and chatting in the VATSIM-Community!

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