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S1 Basic Lesson


Content Basic Lesson

  • Introduction to VATSIM
  • Introduction to EuroScope
  • Activation and explanation of the Tower Basic Moodle course
  • Basic ground and tower introduction
  • Introduction to VFR
  • Phraseology examples


  • You take part in an S1 Basic Lesson
  • You complete and pass the Basic Tower Moodle course
  • You apply for your S1-ATSimTest in Moodle.
  • You complete and pass the S1-ATSimTest
  • You apply for your S1 rating in Moodle
  • You take and pass the SOP test of an airport of your choice (EDFH, EDDR, EDSB, or EDFM).


If you want to continue your training, please apply for an online training at EDDS after a minimum of 10 hours in our forum
"[ANGEBOTE/REQUESTS] Training Request Thread"

The S1 Minor endorsement can be revoked at any time by the lead mentor or the RG leadership.