S1 Basic Lesson

Welcome to the S1 training in the RG Frankfurt. To make your start easier, you will find our training plan (Curriculum) on the following pages.

To start as a controller and achieve your S1-Rating you are required to participate in a S1 Basic Lesson. These lessons are held about once a month and will be announced in a separate thread in the "Flugsicherungsakademie Langen" Forum. The number of participants is limited to 15 persons and will be assigned on a "first come, first serve" basis. So keep an eye out for the thread in the forum.

Please refrain from posting training requests in other threads.

Before the lesson, you should set up your Euroscope and Audio for Vatsim accordingly. The setup instructions can be found below under "Requirements".

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any mentor.

We wish you a lot of fun with your training.


Content Basic Lesson



Exam Retake

If you have failed an ATD Exam in the Moodle course, please contact the Lead Mentor. He will unlock you for a second attempt after you have studied again. If you do not pass the second attempt, you will have to attend the next lesson and your progress will be deleted. Remember that the tests are open-book, you are allowed and asked to look in the provided documents and use search engines while doing the test.

If you want to continue your training, please apply for an online training at EDDS after a minimum of 10 hours in our forum
"[ANGEBOTE/REQUESTS] Training Request Thread"

The S1 Minor endorsement can be revoked at any time by the lead mentor or the RG leadership.

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