EDLW - Dortmund Airport


Traffic at Dortmund is usually characterized by low cost and VFR flights, mixed with some holiday destinations. One specialty at the airport are the nose out parking positions where arriving traffic is pushed backwards into the stand.

Dortmund is an unrestricted airport and part of the S1 minor program. GND and TWR can be staffed by all controllers with an S1 rating or higher who have passed the required moodle courses. Further information on the Paderborn Low sector can be found in the EDLP SOP.

Dortmund ATC Stations

Station ID
unrestricted: EDLW CBT
unrestricted: EDLW CBT
Paderborn Low sector
airborne frequency if PADL, HMM, or PADH is staffed
unrestricted: no course


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Dortmund Ground is responsible for startup and enroute clearance and all aircraft movements at the airport.

Departure Routes

Dortmund has a quiet simple structure for departure routes. There are no specific restrictions to keep in mind, except some climb restrictions, which make the "Climb via SID 5.000ft" phrase, with the initial climb in the IFR clearance necessary. The affected SIDs, are listed below and marked as *↑:

SID Runway

06 24
DOMEG 3Q*↑ 2U*↑
OSN 8Q 2U*↑
HMM 7Q 1U*↑

Vectored Departures: In the event that a pilot does not have a departure route available for Dortmund (also not an older route), a vectored departure can be offered to the pilot in close coordination with the responsible radar controller. Especially in 24 operations, it is imperative to ensure that the aircraft does not enter the Düsseldorf Arrival sector.

The following instructions shall be used:

RWY 06: EWG123, cleared to Berlin, on RWY-Heading climb 5.000ft.....

RWY 24: EWG123, cleared to Berlin, on RWY-Heading climb 5.000ft, when passing 3.000ft, turn right heading 030......

Parking Positions

Stands 0 - 2 are apron positions with bus boarding/deboarding. Only stands 3 and 4 are equiped with a jetway that is able to connect to the aircraft.

Nose In Positions: Positions 5 - 12 can be used nose in (towards the terminal) or nose out (towards the taxiway). For nose in position there is no difference to any other positions, the aircraft can taxi in the normal way and a pushback is requrired to leave the stand. That is the recommended procedure as pilots might not be able to push in the gate.

Nose Out Positions: On pilots request these positions can be used nose out, and the aircraft has to taxi from A coming on the yellow line in front of the stand. The aircraft has to hold abeam the next stand (hold abeam stand 6 to be pushed into stand 5). After shutting down the engines the aircraft is then pushed into the stand with the tail close to the terminal building. All of these stands are walk in positions for the passengers, there is no jetway to connect to the aircraft.

EWG123, taxi via A and the yellow line, hold abeam stand 6, expect push in procedure for stand 5.

To leave a nose out stand there is no pushback required and the aircraft can leave it with own power. If you are unsure of the facing before pushback you may ask the pilot.

Nose Out parking is only available for X-Plane pilots and with MSFS Pushback tools (Toolbar Pushback and the PMDG 737 tug)! GSX will not support the push into the stand.

The GAT is located at the west side of the airport.

Taxiway Restrictions

Taxiway B can only be used for aircraft with a MTOW less than 30 tons (e.g. DH8D).

Most of the landings on runway 24 has to vacate via taxiway A. On Vatsim it might be helpful to inform the pilot about that. Take in mind that it will take longer to vacate the runway at the end and the spacing for outbound traffic might be adjusted if necessary.


Dortmund Tower is responsible for all aircraft within the control zone and at the active runway.

Approaches: For both runways ILS (CAT II), RNP, VOR and NDB approaches are available.

Control Zone

The control zone of Dortmund reaches up to 2500 ft AMSL.

24 Operations
06 Operations

VFR Entry: N and E

VFR Exit: W and S

VFR Entry: W and S

VFR Exit: N and E