Arrival can be split in 6 stations as shown in the table below.

Sector Station ID Login Frequency Remark
Arrival North DFAN EDDF_N_APP 120.805 primary
Arrival South DFAS EDDF_S_APP 125.355 --
Director North DFFN EDDF_H_APP 127.280 secondary
Director South DFFS EDDF_L_APP 118.505 --
Departure North DFDN EDDF_N_DEP 120.155 --
Departure South DFDS EDDF_S_DEP 136.130 --

All APP/DEP frequencies shall always be cross-coupled by the responsible controller.

Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA)

Below you can find the arrival sector of Frankfurt with its subsectors. In case there is only one controller online, the whole sector is controlled by them. All subsectors combined constitute the Terminal Maneuvering Area (TMA). The MVA chart is available via or as Topsky Map at Euroscope. The airspace structure can be found at