Ground and Tower

SID Assignment

Usually the RNAV SID (Designator Y and Z) should be used primarily. Non-RNAV capable aircraft will get SIDs with Designator N or P.


Baden Ground is responsible for startup and enroute clearance and all aircraft movements at the airport.

Parking Position

All positions at EDSB are taxi-out positions, no pushback is required. Positions 18 - 27 are only for Code C aircraft (max. B739/A321), Positions 18A and 19A can be used up to Code D (B764). Bigger aircraft can park between Positions 18 and 21, parallel to the taxiway, that is closed as long as this traffic is parked there. Aprons 4 is close to the GAT used for GA traffic, Apron 3 should be used for Buisness GA traffic.

Prefered Runway

RWY 21 is preferred for usage up to a tailwind component of 5 knots.

Approaches: For both runways ILS (RWY 21 CAT III, RWY 03 CAT I), RNP and NDB approaches are available.

VFR Traffic

Karlsruhe CTR is a class D airspace from ground to 2500 ft MSL.

Leaving CTR via the following routings: Bravo, Echo, November, Romeo or Sierra (S only RWY 21)
Entering CTR via the following routings: Bravo, Romeo or Whiskey

Traffic Pattern: Traffic Pattern east of the airport for traffic > 5,7 t MTOW (German aircraft registration D-Cxxx, D-Bxxx, D-Axxx) are only authorized at minimum 2000ft MSL and should not cross the highway (A5).

Baden-Oos EDTB: Traffic in the pattern, approaching or departing Baden-Oos airfield does not need to contact Karlsruhe Tower. This traffic has to stay below 1600ft MSL.

IFR Departures

Departing IFR traffic switches to departure frequency without a separate instruction, immediately when airborne.

All departures shall be separated by radar separation or wake turbulence separation, whichever is greater. Departures flying the same SID shall be spaced by at least 5NM when the following aircraft overflies the departure end of runway.


Karlsruhe utilizes an auto-handoff procedure for IFR departures where Tower will not hand off outbounds to the approach controller. Make sure to set the correct departure frequency in the ATIS.

Outbounds should contact APP immediately when airborne unless explicitly told to remain on Tower frequency.

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