Hof Tower is responsible for aerodrome and ground control at Hof-Plauen Airport. Hof-Plauen has a D(HX) CTR and published IFR procedures that do not require coordination for clearance.

SID Assignment

Endpoint SID Runway Initial Climb After Departure
ABERU 1S 08 FL70 Contact
München Radar
2T 26


1S 08 5000 ft
2T 26
LASGA 1S 08 FL 70
2T 26
2T 26
1S 08
2T 26

Operating direction

The operating direction is selected by the tower; München Radar (FRK) must always be informed of the current operating direction.

IFR departures

IFR departures are to be handed over with radar or wake turbulence separation. IFR departures on the same SID are to be handed over with 5 NM or (if higher) wake turbulence separation. Tower is responsible for the separation between 2 IFR departures and between IFR departures and IFR approaches on a missed approach procedure until the transfer of communications of all flights involved.

IFR arrivals

IFR approaches are handed over from München Radar to Hof Tower using one of the published approach procedures in compliance with radar or (if required) wake turbulence separation. München Radar is responsible for the separation, speed assignments from the tower are not permitted without coordination with München Radar.

Both runway directions are equipped with an RNP approach.

IFR visual approaches

IFR visual approaches are approved for both operating directions without further regulations. München Radar must coordinate these with Hof Tower prior to clearance.

Low Visibility Procedures

There are no defined low visibility procedures in Hof. If the minima cannot be adhered to, no flights are possible.

Use of runway

For operating direction 08, a backtrack generally required. Smaller aircraft can depart directly from intersection B.

VFR traffic