Arrival - Sector Eifel

Responsible for all arrivals and departures into Frankfurt/Hahn is Langen Sector Eifel (EIF). In the absense of EDDR_PFA_APP, this station also covers the Pfalz (PFA) sector, which is responsible for Saarbrücken (EDDR) and Ramstein (ETAR) top-down.

This sector provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDFH as well as for the military airports ETAD (Spangdahlem) and ETSB (Büchel). For each RWY ILS, NDB and RNP approaches are available. Only the ILS for RWY 21 is desinged for CAT III approaches, all the other approaches are CAT I only.

Heavies: For 21 operations inbound with WTC Heavy need to do a backtrack to vacate the runway. Therefore a target spacing of around 12 NM behind a heavy is recommended.

Usually transitions are used, directs may be coordinated with Center. Inbounds via OLGIL and OLIVI should stay clear of the arrival area of Frankfurt if not released by Frankfurt Arrival.

The MVA within the sector is between 3000ft and 5000ft MSL (see Euroscope for details). MIL charts are available via MILAIS (GEMIL FLIP VAD).