Stuttgart Ground is responsible for all aircraft movements at the airport (including pushback).


Gates are automatically assigned according airline and aircraft type. Cargo and military aircraft are parked in the southern part of the airport.

Stands 40-56 are all taxi out positions, no pushback is required. Stands 61-64 are available for taxi out if the opposite stand is not occupied. If necessary, aircraft may taxi through stands 40-56. Only stands 9-16 have jetways.

Pushback: The pushback direction highly depends on the current situation on the apron. Depending on the traffic flow it might be useful to push traffic at position 9-15 facing west to taxi via L3 and O. Traffic at stands 24-29 can use both taxiways L2 and H to taxi out, depending on inbound and outbound traffic.
Pushbacks onto the orange line must be facing west from stands 71-72 and facing east from stands 74-75, from stand 73 both directions are possible. If the aircraft is pushing back onto N, both directions are possible for stands 71-75. This allows for two aircraft with a maximum wingspan of 36m to pass each other on N and the orange line.

New Stands: During construction works the stands 40-48 were relocated. It might therefore be possible that according to the scenery pilots will take the wrong stand. The current assignment is based on the latest ground layout according to the charts.


Taxiway N is always used opposite to the direction of the active runway. In 25 configuration, N is therefore used for departing traffic, in 07 configuration for arriving traffic. Taxiway S is always used opposite to N.

General Aviation aircraft are usually sent to intersection C (runway 25) or G (runway 07).

Taxiway Z: Taxiway Z west of taxiway Y should only be used for military aircraft. Depending on the amount of traffic, deviations are possible. Taxiway Z between R and L3/O may only be used under the following circumstances:

07 operations
crossing shall be coordinated with Tower and the area between the stopbars must be free of traffic when inbounds are within 2 NM final
25 operations (CAT I)

aircraft < 14m height (all Light and Medium aircraft): Tower shall be informed of crossing

aircraft 14m height: crossing shall be coordinated with Tower

25 operations (LVP)

aircraft < 6m height (most smaller business jets): Tower shall be informed of crossing

aircraft 6m height: crossing shall be coordinated with Tower

Vacating Traffic: Tower shall give the initial turn onto N/S after vacating. The handoff will take place on taxiway N/S.

Cargo Traffic: Cargo traffic should primarily taxi to the cargo positions via Y. Inbounds from runway 25 can vacate via W or Y, while inbounds from runway 07 need to taxi via N/S and K to cross runway 07. After coordination this traffic can stay on tower frequency.

General Aviation Terminal (GAT)

Within the GAT every aircraft has to taxi on its own, instructions are given from/to the exits. Exit 2 can be used for aircraft with a wingspan up to 20 m while Exit 3 can be used for aircraft with a wingspan up to 29 m. Multi-engine aircraft and jets shall always use Exit 3. Aircraft parked at the Southern stands on Apron GA3 can also taxi directly onto N.

Apron GA2 is only available for aircraft with a MTOW of 2000 kg or below (D-Mxxx, D-Exxx and D-Gxxx). Apron GA3 can be used for every aircraft with a maximum wingspan of 29 m and a length of 30.3 m.

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