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Guest Controller EDMM

Welcome to the RG München!

You have a C1-rating and would like to control at the airport in München or on our center positions? In that case, we welcome you to send us a request to apply as a guest member in our regional group on the Vatsim Germany homepage. When your request has been handled you will gain access to our internal forum, where you can request a training session with one of our mentors.


  • C1-Rating (S3-Rating for members of vACC Germany)
  • Good knowledge of English is mandatory
  • Knowledge of German is helpful since VFR-flights often use german phraseology

How to get a TWR endorsement in München?

Before you start controlling on your own, you are required to complete an e-learning module for all necessary theoretical knowledge. After this e-learning course, a mentor will conduct a simulated session on München Tower with you to check for your general controlling skills and familiarize you with the local procedures. If successfull, you will earn your Major Endorsement for München Tower and are allowed to control on your own.

How to get an APP/CTR endorsement in FIR München?

If you are interested in controlling APP and CTR in München FIR, further lessons on those positions are required. To start your Approach lesson, you will need a valid Tower endorsement and minimum 10 h of controlling on München Tower. For the Center lesson, you will need a valid Approach endorsement and minimum 10 h of controlling on München Approach.

How to keep my endorsements / Minimum controlling time-requirement:

To keep your endorsements, you are required to control minimum 3 h in 180 days (running period), of which minimum 2 h have to be on the highest station for which you have the endorsement (if you have the CTR-endorsement for example, you are required to control at least 2 h on Center). The endorsements can be revoked by the ATD-Chief and the head staff of FIR München, to get it back, you'll need to do a lesson to refresh your knowledge on that station.

Since we get a lot of requests, we might have to put you on to a waiting list. This depends on the availability of our Mentors.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!