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To load and run the vACDM plugin you need to have the latest Visual C++ Redistributable installed:

If the plugin should be offered within the default Euroscope Package for everyone, the Visual C++ Redistributable update should be recommended after installing Euroscope or before downloading the package.

vACDM Plugin Setup

The vACDM plugin will only work for an airport where the different parameters are predefined at the backend website. You can find a list of available airports here. 

To work with the vACDM Plugin you should have a basic knowledge of the ACDM procedure.

For testing reasons we offer a predefined Departure and Startup List that is compatible to the Langen FIR Euroscope Package.

As the vACDM plugin should primary used by Delivery, we recommend to use the Startup List to display the different main items. If the different items are not required all the time they should be disabled by using the Euroscope List filter "F" at the top left corner of every list.

The following setup is recommended:

Tabele TagItems und deren Funktionen!