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S1 Training (Minors)

To start as a controller and achieve your S1-Rating you are required to participate in the Vatsim Germany S1 lessons and courses. 
For further information have a look at the S1 forum section and the VatGer S1 Curriculum (german text for now)

Please refrain from posting waiting list / training requests in other threads.

If you have any question, feel free to contact any mentor of our FIR or join us at TeamSpeak.


While you wait for a Basic Lesson:

  • Start learning now -> Knowledge Base Vatsim Germany 
  • fly as a virtual pilot on Vatsim, IFR + VFR (you will need the VFR practice as Controller)
  • observe and listen to frequencies with Euroscope at your desired positions

The training on Vatsim requires a high level of self-study, self-reflection and commitment.

For each training, you have to prepare yourself using the published information in the knowledgebase. It is important that you read the documents but also understand and learn the content. While studying ask other controllers, research and observe on frequency. 

Content and Procedure of the S1 Rating Training


S1 Minor Towers

After you obtained your S1 GND Rating you can staff all unrestricted Ground and Delivery positions in Germany and some special tower positions within the S1 Minor program. SOP Tests might be necessary. Have a look at the list of required SOP courses.  

EDAH, EDHL, EDVE, EDVK are good airports to start your S1 adventures.  With more experience EDXW and EDDW can be a good challenge to practice for your next steps towards a S2 Tower Rating.

Further steps

If you want to continue your training and obtain a S2 Tower Rating, you can apply for further training after 10 hours on our Bremen FIR minor tower airports. You have to keep an activity of at least 10 hours on Bremen FIR minor tower airports in the last 8 weeks to be considered for a trainee slot. For more info read: "[WAITING LIST] Rating Training + Visitor Endorsements" and note the formalities listed in the thread.