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Parking Positions


There are three main parts of the apron, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the Cargo area.


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is used for all airlines not part of the Star Alliance. The northern part of Terminal 1 is under constructions. Stands 101 - 109 should not be used and will not be assigned by Apron.

Stands 118 - 121 are used for all flights with increased security demands, regardless of the operator (e.g. state flights).

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 and the remote stands at and around Apron 3 are being used exclusively by Lufthansa and Star Alliance as well as other Lufthansa partner airlines. Most Lufthansa and Star Alliance wide-body aircraft are parked directly at the terminal, whereas medium-sized planes like the A320 are intermixed with the wide-bodies or parked at stands 243 - 256 at the satellite terminal.


Our cargo terminal is located to the south. The parking positions available are 901 - 907, with all of them being usable by wide-body aircraft. Usually to prevent long taxi times all cargo traffic should expect to depart from runway 08R/26L.

General Aviation

Parking for General Aviation is located on apron 13 (positions G11 - G26) or on aprons 7 and 8 (positions 701 - 703, 801 - 905).