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Visiting Controllers Vatsim Germany

Thank you for your interest in controlling the German airspace on VATSIM!

Before you start, please check that you are eligible to visit by fulfilling all of the following requirements:

  • your permanent controller rating is S3 or higher and are considered current in your home allocation,
  • you have completed at least 50 hours on positions that require your current permanent rating in your home allocation,
  • you have not been subject to disciplinary actions within the last year.

You can request to visit VATGER using VATEUD Core. Please provide a link to your home allocation’s roster.

If you are visiting from within VATEUD and want to control at a Tier 1 airport, you can go to our forums and request the Tier 1 endorsement training directly.
In all other cases, please email atd[at] detailing where you want to control.