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Arriving Traffic


Fly to the clearance limit corresponding with your direction of flight, which will be BETOS, NAPSA, LANDU or ROKIL. Expect RNAV transitions! Tell the approach controller immediately if your aircraft is not equipped for the transitions.

FMC Operation

The FMCs of most, if not all, aircraft, even payware add-ons, do not correctly handle the RNAV transitions when approaching EDDM. All RNAV transition start at the next-to-last way point of a STAR. The FMC, however, just appends the transition to the last way point of the STAR. So the FMC guides you to the last way point of the STAR (MIQ NDB or OTT VOR) and back to the previous waypoint, then along the transition. To avoid that, after having entered the STAR and transition in the FMC, the pilot has to compare the way point list in the FMC with the published arrival charts (see chapter 1) and remove unnecessary way points (usually the endpoints of the STAR). How to do that should be detailed in the manual of your aircraft or add-on FMC.


If Director is online, you will have to contact him with your callsign only: „München Director, Lufthansa 123”


Tower will give you the landing clearance. If no ground controller is online Tower will also give you taxi instructions to the apron entry (N1-N4 or S1-S8).


The ground controller will guide you from the runway to the apron entry (N1-4 or S1-8) via taxi instructions. Without further clearance you have to hold at the entry point. „DLH123 taxi to entry N4 via A6 and N.”


The apron controller will guide you to your parking position. If you want a different parking position, feel free to request it.