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Arriving Traffic

Let's start with pre-planning - When to start your descent?

Do I need to fly out the whole transition?

Short answer: In almost all cases no! You can expect a shortcut on downwind when abeam the FAP (Final Approach Point). ATC will mostly aim for a final no longer than 20 NM.

That's why we ask you to plan your descent accordingly!

Use these altitude recommendations in order to make ATC happy :)

The big gambling...

Planning for an expected runway is like gambling. Or is it? Actually not if you know where your airline usually parks.

In Berlin, the runway is usually assigned depending on your planned parking position.

Parking at Expect runway
Apron 1 - 4, Apron A, Apron E, GAT 07L/25R
Stands D01 - D03 07L/25R
Apron B, Apron C 07R/25L
Stands D04 - 22 07R/25L

Keep in mind, that ATC might differ from the rules above if necessary.

Don't know where your airline parks? Take a look at this page: Parking Positions

Almost there! - Approaching the runway

Now it's all about the concentration. That's why we ask you to turn off any entertainment which could distract you. Every second is crucial in order to get all aircraft down in a safe and efficient manner.

Here are some tips in order to help your approach:

  • Report your callsign only on first contact with Berlin Director. This will prevent frequency congestion.
  • Make sure you correctly tuned your ILS frequency and LOC course
  • Reduce your speed immediately after ATC told you to do so

Not receiving the ILS? - Here's what to do

  • Check if you are using default scenery. Default scenery might not have procedures for the new southern runway.
  • You might be a bit too far out. Inform ATC as soon as possible about this! You will get instructions to help you in your situation.

Safely down... What's next?

Make sure you fully vacate the runway before coming to a complete stop. You have to cross the holding point completely in order to be vacated.

Please use these high-speed taxiways whenever possible, to ensure the most efficient runway usage!

Aircraft Category Runway 25R Runway 25L Runway 07R Runway 07L
Heavy L3 M3 M6 L6
Medium (Jet) L4 M5 M4 L5

During periods of high traffic, ATC might route traffic via P1 or P2 in order to decongest VC and Entry North.