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Parking Positions

To find the real world used parking position of your flight we recommend the Flightradar24 history whenever possible. 

Flying easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings, Sundair or Lufthansa?

Parking Positions for easyJet

  • easyJet primarily uses Apron C for all Schengen flights
  • easyJet primarily uses Apron B for all Non-Schengen flights
  • easyJet also uses Apron B for Schengen flights to relive Apron C
  • Overflow stands are on Apron D

Parking Positions for Ryanair

  • Ryanair primarily uses Apron A for all flights
  • Overflow stands are on Apron D


  • Eurowings/Germanwings uses Apron C and Apron B for almost all flights


  • Lufthansa exklusivly uses Apron B for all flights


  • Sundair uses Apron D for all flights

Here's a more detailed overview...

Airline Gate Area
AEE - Agean Airlines Apron B, C
AFR - Air France Apron B
AMC - Air Malta Apron B, C
ASL - Air Serbia Apron B
AUA - Austrian Airlines Apron B
BAW - British Airways Apron B
BEL - British Airways Apron B
BTI - Air Baltic Apron C
BUC - Bulgarian Air Charter Apron B
CAI - Cordendon Airlines Apron B
CFE - BA CityFlyer Apron B
CTN - Croatia Airlines Apron B
CXI - Corendon Airlines Europe Apron B
DLH - Lufthansa Apron B
DTR - Danish Air Transport Apron A
EIN - Aer Lingus Apron B
EJU - easyJet Europe Apron B, C
ELY - El Al Apron B
EWG - Eurowings Apron B, C
EZS - easyJet Switzerland Apron C
EZY - easyJet Apron B
FHY - Free Bird Apron B
FIN - Finnair Apron C
FPY - Play Apron B, C
GWI - Germanwings Apron B, C
IBE - Iberia Apron C
IBS - Iberia Express Apron C
ICE - Icelandair Apron B, C
ISR - Isriar Airlines Apron B
KLM - KLM Apron B
LBT - Nouvelair Tunisie Apron B
LGL - Luxair Apron A
LOT - Polish Airlines Apron A
LZB - Bulgaria Air Apron B
MSC - Air Cairo Apron B
MSR - EgyptAir Apron B
NOZ - Norwegian Apron A
NSZ - Norwegian Apron A
PGT - Pegasus Airlines Apron B
QTR - Qatar Airways Apron B
RJA - Royal Jordanian Apron B
RYR - Ryanair Apron A
SAS - Scandinavian Airlines Apron B
SDR - Sundair Apron D
SXS - Sunexpress Apron B
SZS - Scandinavian Airlines Apron B
SWR - Swiss Apron B
TAP - TAP Portugal Apron C
TGW - Scoot Apron B
THY - Turkish Airlines Apron B
TVF - Transavia France Apron A
VLG - Vueling Apron A
WZZ - Wizz Air Apron A

Flying Cargo?

  • Cargo flights will park on Apron 2 (stands 19-27)
  • Cargo aircraft with a wingspan of 52 m or more are requested to park on Apron D

Performing Government Flights?

  • Government aircraft (e.g. GAF - German Air Force) will park on Apron 1 (Military Apron)

General Aviation and Business Aviation

  • Traffic or general aviation and business aviation will park on Apron 4 (GAT)
  • Aircraft with a wingspan of 36 m or more are requested to park on Apron D

What about Fictional Airlines

  • All Fictional Airlines are requested to park on Apron A
  • Aircraft with a wingspan of 36 m or more are requested to park on Apron B or D