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Departing Traffic

Before Connecting to VATSIM

Please make sure you have a current version of your Navdata and a valid route.

  • Parking positions named with A are for heavy aircraft
  • Parking positions named with R are taxi-out positions, pushback is not required

Delivery – Clearance (Start-up and Enroute Clearance)

When requesting your IFR clearance in Germany, you will often receive a “start-up approved” within your Enroute Clearance – “start-up” does not mean that you are allowed to pushback on your own but states that you can expect no further delays due to traffic management.

  • Valid routes are available at
  • Always check the current ATIS!
  • Inform the controller if you have a preferred runway for depature
  • You should only request your clearance when you are ready for pushback within the next 5 minutes.
  • You can also receive your clearance via Datalink ( if it is stated in the Controller Info. Please state your preferred Runway with your Datalink request.
  • The controller will tell you the SID, the initial climb and the squawk. (Pen and Paper might be useful)
Eurowings4345, Information X, request start-up and enroute clearance
SID Designator
G / H

Ground – Pushback

As the apron in Hannover is not the biggest, it is even more important that you only request pushback when you are able to start it immediately after receiving the approval. To keep a good flow of traffic ATC might instruct you to do a specific pushback-routing (e.g. into another taxiway, push and then pull forward, etc.) Always report when unable or if you do not understand the instruction.

  • Set your assigned squawk and turn on your transponder before offblock
  • Be ready for taxi as soon as possible to avoid delay for other aircraft

Ground – Taxi

During taxi the controller might tell you to hold short of certain taxiways or give way to other aircrafts. To not cause any conflicts it is very important to follow the instructions correctly or to ask if you are unsure what to do. All taxi routings for departures out of runway 09L/27R will cross 09C/27C, hold short of this runway if no clearance for crossing is given!

Tower/Radar – Departure

Do not climb above your initial climb until advised by ATC! 

When airborne contact the Departure Controller on the Frequency stated in the ATIS, the charts or that was given to you by the Delivery Controller! You will not receive a handoff by Tower.