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Major Endorsements - EDDL and EDDK

RG Düsseldorf

To cover any station at Düsseldorf or Köln/Bonn Airport or the primary Center position, a major endorsements is required. The list with all endorsements for full members and visiting controllers is available below.  Endorsements (5.6.2023) CID EDDL_TW...


SOPs RG Düsseldorf ETNN - Noervenich airbase

Noervenich ATC Stations Station Station ID Login Frequency Anmerkung Tower TNNT ETNN_TWR 122.100 -- Radar TNNA ETNN_APP 123.300 Military Radar Station Arrival DKA EDDK_APP 135.350 -- Director DKF EDDK_F_APP 121.050...


SOPs RG Düsseldorf ETNN - Noervenich airbase

VFR-Traffic There are two mandatory reporting points around the Noervenich Airbase: NOVEMBER          Edge of Hambach opencast mine, north of the Hambach forest SIERRA                 Crossroads east of the village of Vettweiß These mandatory reporting...

Parallel runway operation | EDDL and EDDK

SOPs RG Düsseldorf

Due to the proximity, the parallel runways at Cologne/Bonn and Düsseldorf airport have to be considered as one runway in terms of runway separation.Treatment as one runway means that only one aircraft may use either runway at any time. This excludes taxiing, l...

Parallelbahnbetrieb | EDDL und EDDK

SOPs RG Düsseldorf

Aufgrund des geringen Abstandes sind die Bahnen in Düsseldorf und Köln in Bezug auf Staffelung als eine Bahn zu betrachten. In Köln liegen die Bahnen mit 1150m weiter auseinander, jedoch gelten für beide Flughäfen ähnliche Betriebsanordnungen.Die Behandlung al...