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Departing EDDH, EDDW, EDDV

Center sectors can be very complex and hard to understand in Germany. Therefore, we recommend taking a closer look at the following maps to see who you should contact on the ground when departing from an airport inside the EDWW (Bremen) FIR. Also check the Controller Info in your Voice Client, as they often contain a list of the most important covered airports in their sector.

When entering EDWW FIR (enroute) please wait for a "contact me" from the appropriate controller! VatSpy and other online maps DO NOT show the active ATC sectors correctly! So please DO NOT contact ATC without receiving a "contact me" message.

if EDWW_A_CTR is online | 123.925


if EDWW_A_CTR (123.925) and EDWW_D_CTR (128.750) is online


if EDWW_A_CTR (123.925), EDWW_E_CTR (124.075) and EDWW_D_CTR (128.750) is online


Bremen Arrival Secotrs