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Erfurt Apron is responsible for all taxiing traffic on the apron. After consultation with the ground, taxi clearances can also be given up to the holding point. This station is also responsible for releasing pushbacks and powerbacks. If no Erfurt Ground is online, route clearances are handled by the Apron. It is only occupied if Erfurt Tower is occupied.

Area of responsibility

Erfurt Apron is responsible for all flight movements on the apron. This means that taxiways T6, T5, T4, T3, T2 and S (between T6 and A) are also part of the apron control area.

EDDE_Apron.pngArea of responsibility Erfurt Apron

Taxi instructions

After consultation with Erfurt Ground, all taxi movements can also be controlled outside of the apron.

In the presence of the ground

Departing traffic

  • For 09 operations: aircraft are sent via taxiway S to intersection T6 (transfer to ground)
  • For 27 operations: aircraft are sent to taxi stop A or B (transfer to tower)

Incoming traffic

  • For 09 operations: Aircraft arrive on taxiway A or B directly from the tower
  • For 27 operations: Aircraft arrive on taxiway S from the ground

In the absence of the ground

  • Departing aircraft are sent directly from the apron to the runway taxi stop
  • Incoming aircraft are handed over by the tower after leaving the runway

Special features

Stands 21-44
These parking spaces are so-called taxi-out stands. They are accessed via the taxiway to the east and left via the taxiway to the west.

Stands 01-04
These parking spaces are also taxi-out stands. They are entered and exited via S.


  • Rollweg C
    • Closed
  • Rollweg D
    • Maximum wingspan 18 m, maximum take-off mass 20 tonnes
  • Rollweg W
    • Maximum span 15 m

Parking positions

  • The terminal is located at Gates 51, 61, 62
  • The GAT is located at Stands 21-24, but such aircraft can also be parked at any other position
  • Apron 3 is home to the regional police Thüringen