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Nürnberg Ground is responsible for IFR and start-up clearance as well as all taxiing traffic at the airport.


Endpoint SID RWY Initial Climb After Take-Off Remark
BOLSI 1C 10 FL70 contact
München Radar
RNAV1 required.
1G 28
1G 28
1G 28

RNAV1 required.

1G 28

RNAV1 required.

Only available for flights intending to proceed SULUS L604.

1G 28



1C 10 remain with
Nürnberg Tower

RNAV1 required.

For local IFR training flights at EDDN, prop-type aicraft up to 5.7 t MTOW only.
Contact München Radar when advised by Tower.

1G 28



10 6000 ft
contact München Radar 129.525
For non-RNAV1 equipped aircraft only. For RNAV1-equipped aircraft by ATC only.

Departures on SIDs are generally released in Nürnberg, i.e. route clearance can be given without further request. Departures via vectors must be coordinated with the APP controller.

Transponder codes

The transponder codes for departures from Nürnberg are to be assigned automatically from the range 2340-2353. If this range is not sufficient, the codes 2401-2477 can also be assigned manually.


The helipads are within the area of responsibility of the ground. Helicopters are to be handled like normal fixed-wing aircraft, with the exception that the terms hover instead of taxi or air-taxi instead of taxi are to be used for them.

Air-taxi of helicopters are generally prohibited on all apron areas and taxiways with the following exceptions:

  • Local rescue helicopters are allowed to use taxiway F for take-offs and landings in operating direction 10 and 28
    It can be used for helicopters with a rotor blade of up to 20 m in both directions (usable length 1000 m)
  • Air-taxi from/to the helicopter parking areas H1 - H3 can be authorised via taxiway J or taxiway J and M3
  • Air-taxi from/to the helicopter parking area H4 can only be performed via taxiway F and taxiway M2.
  • on taxiways A, B, C, D, E, F and J

Limited taxiways

  • Taxiways M1, M2, M3, M4, J, N2 and N4 are available for aircraft up to ICAO Code Letter C (wingspan under 36 metres, e.g. B737/A320), up to Code Letter F with Follow-Me (not simulated on Vatsim)
  • Taxiway N2 is to be used exclusively for incoming traffic for parking positions 30 - 35
  • Taxiway N4 is to be used exclusively for incoming traffic for parking positions 40 - 44
  • Aircraft up to ICAO Code Letter B (wingspan less than 24 metres) can taxi on all taxiways in the general aviation apron areas (S3, S4 and T2)
  • Incoming traffic taxiing on taxiway C CANNOT be sent to the right onto taxiway F

Parking positions

The parking position is normally assigned by the GroundRadarPlugin.

  • Positions 01 - 16 and 30 - 35 and 40 - 44 -> facing south
  • Positions 26 - 28 and 81 - 86 -> facing north
  • Positions 01 - 04 Cargo
  • Positions 26 - 28 Heavy
  • Callsign ADN (Aerodienst Nürnberg) - The hangar of Aerodienst Nürnberg is located in the southern part of the airport (behind hangars 3 + 4) at apron R9 and can be reached via S3, H
  • Callsign IFA (FAI Aviation Group) - The FAI hangar and apron R11 are located east of S4


Aircraft de-icing is always carried out at all parking positions on the main aprons at Nürnberg Airport.