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Memmingen Ground is responsible for the start-up and enroute clearance of IFR departures, for which no coordination with München Radar is required. VFR traffic does not require a start-up clearance. Ground is also responsible for taxi control.

IFR departures

SID assignment

Memmingen has published IFR departure procedures in both operating directions

Endpoint SID RWY Initial Climb After Departure Remark



4B 06 FL70 contact
München Radar
RNAV-1 or RNP-1 or A-RNP equivalent. GPS required.
4A 24
5A 24
1A 24



1U 06 For non RNAV-1 equipped ACFT, training FLTS or by ATC only.
1T 24

Ground operation


EDJA is a former air force base that has been converted for civilian use. This can be seen from the fact that all taxiways are narrower than the ICAO standard and many of them are closed due to a lack of demand and renovation. More attention must be paid than at other airports to ensure that pilots do not inadvertently taxi onto closed areas and taxiways.

Restrictions on taxiways

Taxiways "S" and "P" are restricted to aircraft with a maximum outer main gear wheel span of 6 metres. This means that they cannot be used by conventional commercial aircraft, at most by smaller business jets and GA aircraft.

Aprons and terminals

The passenger terminal is located on Apron 1 (Stands 1 & 2). Further parking spaces for airliners are located on Apron 2. Apron 3 south of the runway serves as GA parking, where the GAT is also located (only accessible for small aircraft due to the restriction of TWY P).

Pushback is only necessary from the stands at Terminal 1 (Stands 1 and 2) and Stand 6, all other stands are "taxi-in/out".