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Preferred operating direction

The preferred runway in Erfurt-Weimar between 22:00-06:00 locally for take-offs is 09 and for landings runway 27, if the tailwind component does not exceed 5kts. In all other cases, the runway should be decided by the respective controller depending on the weather and traffic situation.

Control zone

The Erfurt control zone extends over the entire city of Erfurt. The vertical limit of the CTR is now 3500ft MSL. Flights into and out of the control zone take place via the mandatory reporting points:

  • North: November 1 and November 2
  • South: Sierra 1 and Sierra 2

EDDE_CTR.pngControl zone Erfurt - ©

Incoming traffic

As the pilot vacating the runway, the tower hands over the pilot at A and B to the apron frequency and at D, E and F to the ground frequency.

The tower is responsible for ensuring that the runway, radar and/or wake turbulence separation is maintained. A go-around must be instructed immediately if the separation is not adhered to.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

Erfurt Airport only has a CAT III on runway 27, which means that runway 27 must be used for low visibility procedures.

Departing traffic

Runway, radar and/or wake turbulence separation must be maintained at all times. After the aircraft has taken off, the pilot switches to the departure frequency independently.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

Low visibility take-offs are authorised at the following runway visibility ranges (RVR):

  • Departing direction 27: RVR not less than 75m
  • Departing direction 09: RVR not less than 125m