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Augsburg Tower is responsible for aerodrome and ground movement control at Augsburg Airport. Augsburg has a D-CTR and published IFR procedures for which no prior coordination is required for enroute clearance.

SID Assignment

Endpoint SID Runway Initial Climb After Departure



6F 07 4000 ft Contact
München Radar
7G 25



5F 07 5000 ft
6G 25 4000 ft



9F 07 FL 70 Sat, Sun and Holidays only
9G 25
RIDAR 7F 07 4000 ft -
6G 25

Taxi Guidance

Augsburg has Aprons 1-6 (with Apron 3 being the grass area to the south) and Hangars 2-8. Pilots are responsible for collision avoidance while taxiing and hovering on G and S. On all other taxiways, the tower is responsible for taxi guidance.

Choice of operating direction

The operating direction is selected by the tower; Munich Radar must always be informed of the current operating direction.

Operating direction 25 is preferred and should be used in case of doubt.

IFR departures

IFR departures shall be handed over with radar or wake turbulence separation. IFR departures over the same SID shall be handed over with 5 NM or (if higher) wake turbulence separation. The obligation of separation between IFR departures and from IFR departures to IFR approaches on a missed approach procedure lies with the tower until the transfer of communications of all flights involved.

IFR arrivals

IFR approaches shall be handed over from Munich Radar to Augsburg Tower using one of the published approach procedures in compliance with radar or (if required) wake turbulence separation. The obligation of separation lies with Munich Radar, speed assignments from Tower are not permitted without prior coordination with Munich Radar.

Runway 25: ILS(/LOC), RNP and NDB approaches are published for runway 25. The ILS is always preferred. 
Runway 07: Only an RNP approach is published for runway 07, which is preferred for this operating direction.

IFR visual approaches

IFR visual approaches are approved for both operating directions. München Radar must coordinate these with Augsburg Tower before clearance.

Visual approaches for RWY 07 must be conducted in such a way that the final approach is at least 3 NM and the descent below 3500 ft MSL does not take place before the final approach is reached.

AIP ED ENR 1.5/7.18

Low Visibility Procedures

Low Visibility Procedures will be proclaimed by Augsburg Tower if at least one of the three criteria is met:

  • RVR < 1000 m
  • Ground Visibility < 1000 m
  • Cloud Ceiling < 300 ft

Usage of runway

Intersection Departures are only on this taxiways approved, if the pilot reports, that he is able: 

RWY 25

From rwy head 1406 m From rwy head 1406 m
B 989 m D 989 m
C 659 m C 659 m

VFR traffic

2022-11-28 10_43_38-Mozilla Firefox.png


VFR Departure routes are to be used depending on the operating direction:

  • 07: O-Routing, S1
  • 25: L-Routing, W-Routing, S-Routing (via S2 to S1)


Approaches, on the other hand, take place regardless of the operating direction via the N/S routing, which ends in a published holding procedure to the north/south of the airfield.


Augsburg also has a gliding sector in the south of the control zone, which can be activated if necessary. Circuit traffic must then only be cleared in the northern circuit.