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Oberpfaffenhofen Tower is responsible for aerodrome and ground control at Oberpfaffenhofen Airport. Oberpfaffenhofen has a D(HX) CTR and published IFR procedures that do not require coordination for clearance.

However, IFR procedures are only defined for operating direction 22. Approaches can use an approach procedure to runway 22 followed by a circling for runway 04 if the tailwind is too high.

IFR departures

IFR departures are to be handed over with radar or wake turbulence separation. IFR departures on the same SID are to be handed over with 5 NM or (if higher) wake turbulence separation. Tower is responsible for the separation between 2 IFR departures and between IFR departures and IFR approaches on a missed approach procedure until the transfer of communications of all flights involved.

SID assignment

Endpoint SID RWY Initial Climb After Departure Remark



Contact München Radar 127.955

RNAV-1 or RNP-1 or A-RNP equivalent. GPS required.



Conventional SID

IFR arrivals

IFR approaches are handed over to Oberpfaffenhofen Tower by München Radar using one of the published approach procedures, taking into account radar or (if required) wake vortex separation. The separation obligation lies with München Radar, speed assignments from Tower are not permitted without coordination with München Radar.


München Radar may only clear IFR visual approaches after coordination with Oberpfaffenhofen Tower.

Ground operation


EDMO is one of 12 special airports in federal interest, among other things, a DLR plant and research centre is located on the airport site. This circumstance is noticable in the comparatively "dismembered" ground layout.

Restrictions on taxiways

TWY E is 23 m wide, while TWYs A, B, C and D are each only 12.5 m wide.

Aprons and terminals

The GAT is located on the Main Apron in the north of the airport.

Use of runway

Intersection takeoffs are not permitted due to a lack of distance declarations.

Low Visibility Procedures

Oberpfaffenhofen is not approved for flight operations in visibility < 1000 m and/or main cloud bases < 200 ft; flight operations must be suspended in the event of such weather conditions.


The D-CTR is surrounded by airspace E/G, while Munich Airport's airspace C is above the control zone.

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There is a helipad north-west of the runway.