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Leipzig Delivery is responsible for issuing IFR enroute clearances and startup approval. The position does not control the movement of any aircraft.

SID Assignment

  • Aircraft on Aprons 2 and 4 (south of 08R/26L) usually get the southern runway
  • Aircraft on Aprons 1 and 3 (north of 08R/26L) usually get the northern runway
  • The aircraft types A346/B77W/B744/B748/A388 are favoured for the southern runway
  • Initial Climb for all SIDs is FL070
  • Pay attention to restrictions! (see Quicksheet)
  • Omnidirectional departures only authorised for non-RNAV aircraft

Invalid routes (re-clearances)

If a pilot has filed an invalid route but can fly the latest SIDs, these re-routes are recommended:

    • RUDAK --> PENEM Y236 RUDAK
    • ODLUN --> PENEM Y233 ODLUN
    • UMBAL --> PENEM Z131 UMBAL
    • MAG --> PENEM Y233 ODLUN Z207 MAG

Leipzig/Halle Airport has a Datalink Clearance System. EDDP is to be used as the log-in code.