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Installation Euroscope Package

The current Euroscope Package of Bremen FIR is tested with Euroscope version You may use an other version at your own risk. You can download Euroscope Version here:

Available Packages

Currently, the following Packages are provided for controlling at Bremen FIR: 

  • EDWW FIR Package: Full Download of all settings and plugins as well as current sectorfile. 
  • EDWW FIR Package-Update: Same as the normal package, but excluding local Topsky files such as CPDLC login code and SettingsLocal files. This package is recommended when updating from an older package version to a newer version.
  • EDWW AIRAC: Only contains the current sectorfile for personal euroscope packages

All official packages can be downloaded here:

There is no download via Euroscope available. When updating, overwrite all existing files in your EDWW Euroscope directory.

Update Information

Whenever the current package is updated, it will be announced on the Vatsim Germany Forums: 

We recommend subscribing to this forum topic to not miss any important announcements!