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Plugins and Functions

Topsky Plugin

Currently used Version in Package: v2.5b8

This plugin simulates a real-life ATC system, called Topsky. It adds a huge amount of functionalities to Euroscope, creating a completely new way of controlling aircraft on the Vatsim Network. It is strongly recommended to read through the Topsky documentation before controlling. Detailed manuals of the plugin can be found in the plugin folder of the EDWW FIR Euroscope package. This page will only cover package-specific settings:

Area Activation/Airspace Management

The Airspace Management window will show up as soon as you start Euroscope (EDWW, EDYY, EDUU only). This is necessary to ensure that all restricted airspaces load up correctly. Restricted airspaces can activate time-based, based on real-world booking schedules (AUP) or when activated by a member of the EDWW Nav Team. Besides that, the virtual controller can adjust any area locally as well. 

TRAs and VPAs will only activate automatically when actually booked or used on the Vatsim network. In this case, a member of the EDWW Nav team will activate the booked areas ( Usually, the virtual controller will be informed if areas are booked in this thread of the Vatsim Germany Forums: In this case, the virtual controller must activate the "Remote" activation function in the Airspace Management Window. 

All other ED-Rs will activate according to the German AIP and AUP. 

The Airspace Management Window will also appear when connecting to the Vatsim Network. In all cases, the virtual controller may close the window, as it is usually not required during controlling sessions. 


CPDLC/DCL (Datalink)

Topsky adds Datalink functions such as CPDLC and DCL. CPDLC shall only be used when covering EDYY or EDUU sectors. DCL is available at EDDB, EDDH and EDDV only. 

Topsky Local Settings

It is possible to adjust all Topsky settings to your personal preferences. We prepared some useful settings in the TopskySettingsLocal.txt file which can be found in the Topsky directory of the package. This file includes settings like colour settings, radio direction finder and scaling options. 

It is also possible to adjust every other Topsky setting. Whenever changing Topsky settings, we recommend saving them in the local settings file, as local settings will not get overridden when updating your packing by using the "Update Package" download. Local Settings always take priority. 

Topsky Track Control

For some label/tag items, it is possible to define certain visibility settings. This creates the possibility to configure your tag/label according to your personal preferences. The track control menu can be opened by right-clicking on the Topsky Menu bar and then "Track Control..." > "Unselected Label Fields":


Currently, only the EDUU tag/label can be customized fully. All other labels/tags might not support Topsky's track control.

Predicted Traffic Window

The predicted traffic window helps the virtual controller to better foresee the peak times of sectors. This window will appear as soon as you connect to the Vatsim network. The virtual controller then needs to enter the SI code for the desired sector (e.g. Müritz = MRZ). 

Ground Radar Plugin (GRP)

Currently used Version in Package: v1.5

This plugin simulates a real-life Groundradar Display (SAAB A3000 A-SMGCS) by adding custom tags/labels, lists, maps and many other features and warnings. A detailed manual of the plugin can be found in the plugin folder of the EDWW FIR euroscope package. Here are some of the most important features and functions:

Menu Bar

The menu bar holds all the customizable options of the Ground Radar Plugin. Besides the various warnings and sub-menus, the QNH and LVP modes be seen in the menu bar. Whenever LVP conditions exist, the virtual controller shall activate the LVP mode to toggle maps (e.g. CAT II/III holding points) and LVP warnings. 


Airport Maps

Airport maps can be toggled on manually or automatically. This adds the possibility to add certain NOTAM maps or other useful information for the virtual controller. All maps may vary depending on the airport/Ground ASR used. You can activate or deactivate maps by clicking on "Functions" then "Maps" in the Ground Radar Plugin Menu Bar:


Second Ground Radar Window

It is possible to open a second ground radar display to observe specific areas of the ground radar more closely. The second ground radar window can be opened by clicking on "Window" then "2nd":


Approach Window

An approach window can be opened to observe approaching and departing aircraft as well as aircraft within the CTR. The approach window can be opened by clicking on "Window" then "APP". Note, that the approach window of GRP shall not replace the TWR radar screen/ASR. 


At most airports, the ground radar labels/tags will only be displayed when departing aircraft are assigned a ground state. For arriving aircraft, the ground radar label/tag can be hidden by setting the parking ground state. 

Stand assignment

The ground radar plugin is capable of assigning arrival stands based on aerodrome restrictions and company policies. We strongly recommend using the stands assigned by the ground radar plugin. The assigned stands are visible the the aircraft's tag and in the arrival list. 

CDM Plugin

Currently used Version in Package: v2.2.4

This plugin adds the possibility to control departure flows by calculating startup and departure times. It can only be used in the Tower profiles (PHX). The CDM plugin is only configured for EDDB and EDDH, as those are the only two airports having the A-CDM process implemented in real life. 

Further information about the usage of the plugin:  

Squawk Message/Warning

Currently used Version in Package: v1.0.1

Created by Vatsim member Pol Eyschen, this plugin displays a message/indicator in the aircraft's labels when squawking a specific transponder code. 

The following indications are available in the EDWW FIR package: 

NDSSR 1200, 2000, 2200, 0000 Displayed whenever a non-discrete squawk code is used. 
FDH 7740 Used of FIS Region/Sector Hamburg (DH)
FDB 7741 Used of FIS Region/Sector Berlin (DB)
FDL 7742 Used of FIS Region/Sector Düsseldorf (DL)
FDV 7743 Used of FIS Region/Sector Hannover (DV)
FDC 7744 Used of FIS Region/Sector Dresden (DC)
FSW 7745 Used of FIS Region/Sector Hamburg Overload (SW)
FDF 4450 Used of FIS Region/Sector Frankfurt (DF)
FDR 4451 Used of FIS Region/Sector Saarbrücken (DR)
FDS 4452 Used of FIS Region/Sector Stuttgart (DS)
FDM 4453 Used of FIS Region/Sector München (DM)
FDO 4454 Used of FIS Region/Sector München Overload (DO)
V 7000 Used by uncontrolled VFR aircraft (Squawk VFR)
RESCU 0020 Used by rescue helicopters
FOTO 0021 Used during areal photo flights
BPO 0023 Used by the federal police 
TFFN 0024 Used by flight within the Night Low Flying System with terrain following
PJE 0025 Used by flights performing Parachute Jumping Exercises (PJE)
POLNL 0026 Used by the police of The Netherlands
ACRO 0027 Used by acrobatic flights
CAL 0030 Used by calibration flights
OPSKY 0031 Used by "Open Skies" flights
VM 0033 Used by uncontrolled military VFR aircraft (Squawk military VFR)
SAR 0034 Used for aircraft on Search and rescue missions
AIRCL 0035 Used for aircraft switching flight rules
POL 0036 Used by police flights
BIV 0037 Used by police flights using night vision systems
TMZ 4471, 4472, 4476, 4477, 4660, 4676,  Used for flights within TMZ (check location regulations for correct transponder code)
CHX31 7377 Used by rescue helicopter Christoph 31 (CHX31)

Arrival Manager (AMAN)

Currently used Version in Package: v3.2.0

This plugin displays every arrival to a certain airport or fix along a timeline thus enhancing the general overview for pre-planning and capacity/load management. The Arrival Manager is not able to actively pre-sequence traffic. 

By default, the plugin is not loaded as only EDDB and EDDH are supported aerodromes. The Arrival Manager can be opened by entering ".aman open" in Euroscope's text line. Thereafter, the controller has to select the desired runway config in the top left of the AMAN menu. AMAN functions as a new Euroscope instance thus enabling it to be moved to another screen. You can close the AMAN in your taskbar. 


Currently used Version in Package: v1.5.0

This plugin enables you to directly see the current indicated airspeed and Mach number in the aircraft's label. Natively, Euroscope and Vatsim do not provide such information. All IAS and Mach values are based on calculations, which may become incorrect when pilots are not flying with real-world and live weather data. Still, this plugin supports the virtual controller immensely.

CCAMS (Centralised code assignment and management system)

Currently used Version in Package: v2.3.1

This plugin coordinates all squawk assignments on Vatsim on a centralized server. Therefore, the chance of issuing duplicated squawks is reduced significantly. Furthermore, the plugin supports the assignment of squawk code 1000 taking into account all required Mode-S rules. 

VCH (Virtual Controller Helper)

Currently used Version in Package: v0.8.4

This plugin supports the controller by adding a reminder function to Euroscope. In the Departure and Startup lists, the virtual controller may select for which type of clearance a pilot is standing by. This enhances overall situational awareness and provides a better overview. Also, this plugin adds a "Cleared to Land Indicator" (CTL) which can be toggled in the aircraft's label by clicking on the actual flight level (AFL). 

Note: All indicators and settings are not synchronized with neighbouring controllers. 

VFPC (Vatsim Flight Plan Checker)

Currently used Version in Package: v2.1.1

This plugin automatically checks filed Vatsim flight plans for possible route restrictions such as max. RFL or even-odd rules. 


Currently used Version in Package: v0.0.8

This plugin helps the controller process flight plans more efficiently. Matching runways, SIDs and initial climbs are automatically assigned depending on the active runway in use. In addition, squawks are assigned automatically in cooperation with the CCAMS plugin. By default, this plugin is not used as it does not support every SID/runway assignment at every airport within Bremen FIR. 


RG Bremen Plugin

Currently used Version in Package: v1.2.2

Created by Vatsim member Sebastian Kramer, this plugin is used to display the "climb via SID" indicator in the Departure and Startup lists. The indicator will either show "YES" if the phrase "climb via SID" should be used or "NO" if not.