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EDDW Delivery

The delivery controller in Bremen is responsible for all departing flights under IFR. In Bremen, filed flight plans are checked and corrected with regard to the following criteria:

  • requested flight level (RFL): even/odd
  • restrictions for certain destinations/SIDs
  • rough validity of a flight plan

Initial climb clearance: The initial climb clearance at Bremen is 4000ft on all published departure procedures. The altitude shall be entered as cleared altitude (CFL) in an appropriate list or tag.

DCL (Datalink Clearance): Datalink Clearances are not available at EDDW.

SIDs and Restrictions

Destination SID Flight level Remark
EDDF all odd, max. FL 230 LoA
EDDH, EDDV all odd, max. FL 90 Sectorization



all even, max. FL240
- ERLAD odd due to KUAC/EDGG airspace
all other SIDs Semicircular rules 0° - 179° odd FL, 180° - 359° even FL

SID 09 27
BASUM 1M 1Z / 1L
ERLAD 1M 3Z / 1L
GESTO 8M 1Z / 1L



1M 5Z / 1L



1M 1L

bold: preferred routing, : climb via SID

Traffic departing runway 27 shall be cleared for the Z-departures (where available) unless the pilot files or requests the L-procedure.
Traffic via SOFED/OTEXE onto N125 shall be cleared via (SOFED1M/1L) SOFED unless ED-R 202 or ED-R 302 are active, in which case that traffic shall be cleared via (OTEXE1M/1L) OTEXE N125 SOFED. Sector FRI will inform EDDW about the activation/decativation of those areas. In the absence of information ED-R 202 and ED-R 302 are presumed to be inactive.

Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

During low visibility operations, the departure and arrival spacing is increased. Delays will need to be issued earlier than in normal conditions.

Delays and Startup

Delay of traffic: In high traffic situations, it may be necessary for departing traffic to be held back. In addition, Delivery shall make arrangements to comply with restrictions imposed by other airports through notice on the ECFMP Discord, coordination, etc.

Startup: A startup shall be granted if no major traffic delays are expected. When allocating startups linked to times, the airport specific rate of 18 departures per hour can be used as a basis.


Vectored departures: Vectored departures shall be coordinated with FRI. FRI will assign a departure procedure (heading(s) and altitude(s)).

IFR local flights: IFR local flights shall be coordinated with FRI. FRI will assign a departure routing.