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Laage Radar is responsible for departing and arriving traffic from/to ETNL. 

When online, Laage Radar activates its delegated AoR within Bremen ACC sector Müritz (MRZ). Full responsibility is delegated to Laage Radar for this airspace.

800px-Laage_AoR.pngAoR Holzdorf

Laage Radar shall inform Bremen ACC sector Müritz about the opening and closing of AoR Laage immediately!


Arriving traffic

  • Arriving traffic is always coordinated individually between Bremen Radar and Laage Radar ("Radar Handover")
  • Normally traffic will descend to 5000 ft and continue on a heading given by EDWW. It's expected that Laage accepts or states entry conditions if not suitable during Radar Handover coordination. 

Departing traffic 

  • Departing IFR traffic will be transferred from Laage Tower to Laage Radar initially. 
    • Laage Radar is responsible to verify mode C readout and to identify the departing aircraft
    • Usually, Laage Radar shall coordinate a further climb with EDWW before departure release or coordinate a general release of the climb. If no further climb is coordinated, departing IFR traffic leaving the AoR shall be transferred to Bremen Radar after identification. 

Approach Types


  • Usually used by civil traffic
  • Classified for CAT I operations only. 


  • Only used by military traffic


  • Usually used by civil traffic


  • Only used by military traffic


  • Guidance by Laage Radar


  • Sequencing on final by Laage Radar
  • Guidance on final by Laage Precision

Laage Precision

  • Is only responsible for PAR approaches
  • Traffic is controlled by a special radar system
  • Laage Radar will issue an initial vector leading to the final before performing a radar handover to Laage Precision
  • Only one aircraft at a time shall be on the frequency of Laage Precision
  • At around 3-5 nm Laage Precision should ask Laage Tower for Landing clearance if not already provided by Tower