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Control Zone

  • D(HX) from GND to 2600 ft
  • VRPs: November, Sierra, Echo, Lima, Whiskey 
  • There are also VFR Jet arrivals that are used for military Jets. The Jet arrivals consist of one mandatory reporting point outside the CTR and its respected Initial point in front of the runway. Jets will cross the initial point at 1500 ft MSL.

  • For arrivals to runway 08, Entry West will be used. For arrivals to runway 26, Entry East will be used.
  • The published jet pattern is situated south of runway 08/26

    It’s important to remember that Jets on the VFR Jet arrival will overfly the airport at 1500 ft to make an Overhead Approach Maneuver to the south and then join the final as published in the chart!

EDWW ETMN CTR.pngCTR Nordholz - ©

Ground Movements

Parking Positions

Nordholz consists of multiple Aprons with multiple Hangars. Nordholz Tower should only instruct aircraft to taxi to the apron.

Taxi Instructions

Nordholz Tower doesn’t need to provide detailed taxi instructions to military traffic if there is no conflicting traffic. Visitors from other squadrons (home squadron is Naval Air Wing 3 and 5) or civilian traffic should receive full taxi instructions.

Departing Traffic

Nordholz Tower should inform departing traffic about current weather conditions. In the case of military traffic, the colour code is sufficient.

Nordholz Tower shall only issue IFR clearances after coordination with EDWW sector Eider West (EIDW)!

Every IFR departure from ETMN requires a departure release from both ETMN APP and Bremen Radar before issuing a takeoff clearance!

  • Operational Instrument Departures (OIDs) are used (MN108 and MN126), initial climb by ATC.
Low Visibility Takeoffs (LVTO)

RWY 08/26 is suitable for conducting low visibility takeoffs with a minimum runway visual range of 100m. 

    Arriving Traffic

    Approaches Types

    Wittmundhafen is equipped with an ILS and TACAN approach onto runway 08 and an ILS, RNP, TACAN and NDB approach onto runway 26. 

    There are also PAR and SRA approaches available on both runways.
    Nordholz Radar will maintain Radio contact with the aircraft performing a PAR or SAR until landed. Nordholz Tower should inform Nordholz Radar if the runway is clear and the aircraft performing the PAR/SRA is cleared to land.

    Nordholz-Spieka (EDXN)

    Nordholz-Spieka (EDXN) is an uncontrolled airfield directly situated to ETMN. Traffic shall only use the grass runway. Spieka Radio and Nordholz Tower shall maintain close coordination in case of traffic at each aerodrome. VFR departure and approach procedures shall be assigned as directed by Nordholz Tower.