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Laage Apron is responsible for ground movements south of the runway, on the civil apron. Also, Apron will issue IFR and start-up clearances for civil IFR traffic. 

ETNL Ground Responsibilities.png



  • SIDs are named after the last two letters of the ICAO code of Laage, ETNL (z.B. NL14)
  • Initial climb clearances for all SIDs is 4000ft (unless otherwise coordinated with EDWW)

Laage Apron shall only issue IFR clearances after coordination with EDWW sector Müritz!

The Datalink Clearance System is not available at ETNL.

Ground movements


  • Apron shall issue pushback clearances onto taxiway Z
  • Departing traffic will be transferred to Tower as soon as it's ready for taxi. 


  • No taxi clearances will be assigned by Apron
  • Laage Apron will receive arriving traffic taxiing on Z. Apron shall issue planned parking position only!


  • Parking positions 12 and 16 can only be used by aircraft with a wingspan less than 52 m.