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Kassel Tower is responsible for all arriving and departing traffic. The top level of the airspace D control zone is 2700ft MSL. Above this altitude and around the CTR airspace E covers the area within responsibility of Bremen Radar. A Para jumping Area up to FL100 is directly above the airport.

edvk-ctr.jpgControlzone of Kassel Airport - ©

Runway and Airport

Kassel Airport has a 8200ft (2500m) long single runway (09 / 27) with a CAT IIIa/b Low-Visibility equipment available at runway 27. The airport features two aprons, one in front of the passenger terminal for two mid-sized aircraft such as the Airbus A320 family and a separate one for general aviation aircraft.


All IFR Departures need a Departure-Release from Bremen Radar! *
Coordinate early enough on TeamSpeak, as Bremen Radar might restrict the initial climb clearance and departures times due to workload and traffic situation.

* If traffic permits, Radar can give a "general departure release until further notice". In that case the tower doesn't need to ask for each departure separately.

Spacing: Departures shall be separated with a minimum of 3 nm or wake turbulence separated, whichever is greater. When two aircrafts have the same SID waypoint (e.g. WRB) the separation shall be increased to 5 nm or wake turbulence separation whichever is greater. 

Auto-Handoff: Pilots shall remain on TWR frequency until passing 2500ft and then contact Bremen Radar without a specific handoff. Below 2000ft Radar might not understand the pilot due to interferences with the surrounding topography. 



Arrivals shall be instructed to contact Ground when they are vacating while rolling on L.

Reduced Runway Separation (RRS): Reduced Runway Separation can be applied for aircraft of category 1 and 2.


Kassel offers four routes in and out of the CTR with two published holding patterns in the north and south of the field.

VRP N1 E1 W1 S1
NAV Federal Road junction west of Hofgeismar Reinhards Forest, Federal Road junction West of Oberelsungen close to the Highway A44 Fuldatal east of Kassel


Helipad: Kassel Airport has one Helipad on Taxiway L at Apron Entry E3 which can be used for arriving and departing helicopters. Tower shall coordinate with Ground to achieve spacing between arriving or departing helicopters and taxing traffic, since the helipad is on the taxiway.

Police and Rescue helicopters: Helicopter operations are likely in the vicinity of Kassel City. An important hospital is located north of the field in Hofgeismar which makes CTR crossings necessary. Christoph 7 (CHX7) is located at the Rotes Kreuz Krankenhaus Kassel, south east of the field.

Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

When the weather condition requires low visibility operations the use shall be announced in the ATIS.

use &lvp in the ATIS maker URL

During low visibility operations, the departure and arrival spacing is increased. Delays may be issued earlier than in normal conditions. Additionally, under low visibility operations runway 09/27 can be used for departures but only 27 for arrivals.