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Heringsdorf Tower is responsible for all IFR clearances, ground/runway movements and traffic within the Heringsdorf CTR. 

Areas of Responsibility

Heringsdorf Tower (D-CTR) is defined as in the AIP Germany and AIP Poland. The CTR above Polish territory is delegated to Heringsdorf Tower at all times. The vertical limits are defined as surface up to 2500 ft MSL. Within Heringsdorf CTR, glider sector Mellenthin can be activated from the surface up to 1000 ft AGL. This sector will be activated on request from Mellethin glider strip. 


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The initial Climb on all runways is 5000 ft. Heringsdorf Tower is allowed to issue IFR clearances without prior approval from Bremen Radar. As no ATIS is available, departing traffic shall receive MET information on the frequency prior IFR clearance. 

Departures may be guided via B and D to the Holdingpoint of runway 28 or via B and backtrack runway 28. Departures from runway 10 may be guided via A to the holding point. All taxiway restrictions have to be considered at any time. Taxiways C and F may be used according to taxiway restrictions and NOTAMs. 

All departing IFR flights require a release before issuing the takeoff clearance!

Departing IFR traffic will switch to Bremen Radar automatically when passing 500 ft. 


Arrivals may leave the runway on taxiways according to taxiway restrictions. When runway 10 is in-use. Heringsdorf Tower shall issue aircraft to vacate via D and cross runway 28 via B. Avoid congestion at taxiway B. 

Go Arounds

Go arounds shall be flown as published and shall be coordinated with Bremen Radar immediately before the transfer of communications. 

Stand Assignments

On the main apron, there are 2 parking positions available for ICAO code letter C aircraft (max. wingspan 36 m). Aircraft larger than category C will occupy both stands. Small GA aircraft (wheelbase >11 m) may park on the aprons or grass surface along taxiway C. Heringsdorf Tower may inform Bremen Radar in advance when no parking space is available for arriving traffic. 


  • TWY A, D: width 18 m
  • TWY C: width 11 m
  • TWY E, F: width 10 m, max. weight 5.7 t
  • Grass runways: only for VFR traffic and during day time

Departing traffic runway 28 which is unable to use taxiway C shall taxiway via B and D with runway crossing. Same applies to arriving traffic from runway 10. 

Departing traffic runway 10 shall use taxiway A. If only taxiway B can be used, a backtrack is necessary. 



Not available. 

DCL Clearance

Not available.

VFR Traffic

VFR traffic may leave/enter the CTR along the published mandatory reporting points:

  • November, Whiskey, Sierra, Echo

Heringsdorf Tower will not control any traffic regarding the Mellenthin glider strip and glider area.