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EDDW Ground

Area of Responsibility

Bremen Ground controls the ground movement of aircraft.


Parking and Pushback

Stands: GRP assigns parking positions.
Stands marked with A (12A, 18A) are reserved for Heavy aircraft and will block neighboring stands (12/13, 18/19) when used. 
Stands 12-19 are used with the aircraft facing southwest.

Pushbacks: Pushbacks are required for aircraft on stands 01-11. Aircraft on stands 12-19 may also taxi out, provided that they meet the restrictions for the taxiway they're taxiing onto.

De-Icing: De-icing is provided directly at the parking position.  

Taxiway Restrictions

Taxiway Restriction
Maximum wingspan 36m
Maximum wingspan 36m
Golf Wingspan < 52m
Hotel Maximum wingspan 36m 
Kilo Maximum wingspan 24m
Lima Maxiumum wingspan 31m
November Wingspan < 52m
Maximum wingspan 24m
Sierra Wingspan < 36m


When runway 23 is active (daytime only, winds permitting), VFR departures of up to 5700 kg MTOM requesting departure via S or W are assigned runway 23 and instructed to taxi to runway 23 via D. 

When runway 27 is active, propeller and turbo-prop aeroplanes of more than 2000 kg MTOM are assigned intersection Echo for departure. Aircraft with an MTOM of up to 2000 kg intersection shall be assigned intersection D. Intersection F is used otherwise and on pilot's request by the mentioned aircraft.
Departures shall be instructed to contact the Tower on taxiway F latest.

When runway 09 is active intersection C can be used for aircraft up to 5700 kg MTOM. Intersection A is used otherwise.

Taxiway Hotel shall only be used for Lufthansa Flightschool aircraft and NOT for regular IFR in/outbounds.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

Cat II/III holding points shall be used and are marked as red lines in the ground layout. During LVP only intersection A (RWY 09) and intersection F (RWY 27) shall be used, intersection take-offs are not permitted.