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Lübeck Airport can be staffed with an apron controller, who is providing Delivery Service as well. This is VATSIM specific and not real-life procedure. 

The Apron Controller is responsible for all movements on aprons only. Taxiways A-D belong to the Tower. Holding Lines are directly at the outer limit of the Apron Area.



Terminal: Lübeck features one terminal building at the center part of the Airport with Hangars left and right. 

Airliner Stands: On the main apron in front of the terminal building. 

Business Jets: If they are small enough, Business Aviation parks directly in front of Hangars E and G (north of the grass GA Apron) or at the main apron.

General Aviation: The GA Apron is a marked grass field north of Taxiway B and is called "Parking Area GAT". It is suitable for Echo-Class aircrafts up to 2.000kg TOW. Additional space is in front of and at the round halls north-east of the GA Apron (R1 - R4). The Fuel station is west of A on Apron 1.

Helicopters: Lübeck has no Helipads. Helicopters use the runway for all operations and can park at a designated parking area between Hangar E and G, north of the GA Apron.

Glider School: South of the main runway with own parking area next to the Glider Strip. 


The main taxiways A-C are suitable for Class C aircrafts.  Class D not yet confirmed.


VATSIM has the Top-Down principle, therefore IFR Clearances shall be given by the Apron (or Tower), contrary to real-life procedures, where these are given by Bremen Radar. Delivery Service is responsible for all departing flights under IFR. In Lübeck (and at all other airports of RG Bremen), filed flight plans are generally checked and corrected with regard to the following criteria. To be considered are:

  • requested flight level (RFL) even/odd
  • restrictions for certain destinations/SIDs
  • rough validity of a flight plan

Initial climb clearance: The initial climb clearance at Lübeck Airport is 5000ft on all published departure procedures. The altitude shall be entered as cleared altitude (CFL) in an appropriate list or tag.

SIDs and Restrictions

even, max. FL100
even, max. FL100
EDDH all max. FL100 coordinate with Bremen Radar
even, max. FL240

other SIDs
Semicircular rules
0° - 179° odd FL, 180° - 359° even FL
SID 07 25 Climb
HAM HAMBURG 1A 1K 5000ft
LUGEG 1A 1K 5000ft
RAMAR 1A 1K 5000ft

Except HAM1K out of Runway 25 all other SIDs have Climb or Speed restrictions, where the phrase “via SID” shall be used.


Vectored departures: The use of vectored departures requires prior coordination with the responsible radar station. An initial altitude to climb shall be provided.


IFR local flights: IFR local flights are coordinated with the responsible radar controller, who may instruct a different departure procedure, possibly vectored departures.