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Laage Tower is responsible for all movements on the taxiways (both military and civil) as well as for all movements on the runway and inside the control zone. 

ETNL Ground Responsibilities.png

Control Zone

There are two mandatory reporting points for VFR traffic entering and exiting the control zone:

  • North: November
  • South: Sierra

There are also VFR Jet arrivals and VFR Jet departures that are used for military Jets. The Jet arrival consists of one mandatory reporting point outside the CTR and its respected Initial point in front of the runway. Jets will enter Laage CTR via an Entry at 1700 ft and up to 300 kt.

It’s important to remember that Jets on the VFR Jet arrival will overfly the airport at 1700 ft to make an Overhead Approach Maneuver to the south and then join the final as published in the chart!

Jets following the VFR Jet departure out of runway 27 will fly runway heading until overflying the Initial point of runway 09 and then turn left heading 060° or right heading 307°. Jets departing out of runway 09 will turn right heading 310° or left heading 230° after departure. Jets will normally leave the CTR to the top.

Ground Movements

Laage airport is split into a civilian and a military part, all facilities, and taxiways south of runway 27/09 are civilian and north of the runway are military. Traffic should use their appropriate taxiways and helipads (Helipad M for Military and Helipad Z for Civilian). Arriving traffic may also be advised to vacate the runway onto the appropriate side.

Taxi instructions

  • Every taxi instruction can only be issued by Laage Tower
  • Procedures between Tower and Apron:
    • Arriving traffic will be instructed to taxi via Z and contact Laage Apron ("Taxi via Z, contact Apron 121.950")
    • Departing traffic will push onto Z and contact Tower as soon as it's ready for taxi. 
    • Only Laage Apron will assign parking positions for civilian traffic!
    • Military traffic should not be instructed to taxi to a specific parking position.
    • Larger military transport aircraft (A400M, C130, C17,…) should park on Stand 01 or 02


  • Taxiway A
    • North of the runway: maximum width 17,5 m
  • Taxiway B
    • South of the runway: maximum width 20 m
    • North of the runway: maximum width 12 m
  • Taxiway C
    • South of the runway: maximum width 20 m
  • Taxiway Z
    • Between parking position 4B and the westerly apron: maximum width 20 m
    • Between the westerly apron and taxiway C: maximum width 16 m

Quick Reaction Alert (QRA)

The QRA for the eastern part of the German Airspace is stationed in the northeast of the Airport and is a closed-up area inside the airport. In case of a scramble Laage Tower needs to inform Laage Radar and should clear the runway to avoid any delays for the QRA. The QRA will prefer runway 27 to reduce taxi time and can be expected to leave the CTR to the top. Laage Tower should hand off the QRA to Laage Radar when airborne.

Scramble and other Special operations are only authorized to be performed by members of a VSOA! Non-VSOA members performing special operations should always be reported to a VATSIM Supervisor

Arriving Traffic

Arriving traffic will be transferred by Laage Radar or Bremen Radar when established on the final.

Approach types

For civil traffic, the ILS/LOC Z approach or the RNAV(GPS) approach will be used on both runways. Additionally, there are SRA, PAR and TACAN approaches available which will be used by military traffic.

Laage Precision will maintain Radio contact with aircraft performing a PAR or SRA until landed. Laage Tower should inform Laage Precision if the runway is clear and the aircraft performing the PAR/SRA is cleared to land.

Departing traffic

Laage Tower shall transfer departing traffic to the next station when airborne. If Laage Radar is only, departing traffic shall be transferred to Laage Radar initially. 

Every IFR departure from ETNL requires a departure release from both ETNL APP and Bremen Radar prior issuing a takeoff clearance!

The preferred runway at Laage is runway 27.
Laage Tower is responsible for all military traffic and should handle IFR clearances of military traffic. Military IFR Traffic leaving the airport (No IFR Pattern) shall only receive IFR clearances after coordination with EDWW sector Müritz!