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Area of Responsibility

Nordholz Radar is responsible for departing and arriving traffic from/to ETMN. 

When online, Nordholz Radar activates its delegated AoR within the Bremen ACC sector Eider West (EIDW). Full responsibility is delegated to Wittmund Radar for this airspace.

EDWW ETMN AoR.pngAoR Nordholz

Nordholz Radar shall inform Bremen ACC sectors EIDW/EIDE, FRI and HAMW as well as Wittmund Radar (ETNT APP), Hohn Radar (ETNH APP) and Schleswig Radar (ETNS APP) about the opening and closing of AoR Wittmund immediately!

If Nordholz Radar is offline, Wittmund Radar (ETNT APP) will take over full responsibility for AoR Nordholz and top-down responsibilities at ETMN.


EDWW ETMN airspace.png

Nordholz is equipped with a TMZ and RMZ. This will ensure that VFR traffic in the vicinity of the aerodrome is known to Nordholz Radar. The RMZ will only be used by traffic not equipped with a transponder (not applicable in Vatsim). Traffic within the TMZ of Nordholz shall monitor Nordholz Radar's frequency and squawk 4460. This traffic is not required to make an initial call to ATC. Still, ATC may contact this traffic when required (e.g. traffic information about IFR traffic). 


Arriving Traffic

  • Arriving traffic is always coordinated individually between Bremen Radar, Wittmund Radar, Hohn Radar, Schleswig Radar and Nordholz Radar ("Radar Handover")
  • It's expected that Nordholz Radar accepts or otherwise states the sector entry conditions during coordination.

Departing Traffic

  • Departing IFR traffic will be transferred from Nordholz Tower to Nordholz Radar initially. 
    • Nordholz Radar is responsible for verifying mode C readout and identifying the departing aircraft
    • Usually, Nordholz Radar shall coordinate a further climb with EDWW before departure release or coordinate a general release of the climb. Preferably, this coordination is combined with IFR clearance or departure release. If no further climb is coordinated, departing IFR traffic leaving the AoR shall be transferred to Bremen Radar after identification. 

Approach Types

Runway 08

  • ILS
  • SRA
  • PAR

Runway 26

  • ILS
  • RNP
  • NDB
  • SRA
  • PAR

Since Nordholz Precision is currently not implemented on VATSIM, PAR approaches can only be conducted if traffic levels permit - if necessary, Nordholz Radar can coordinate with civilian ATC to keep other inbound traffic outside of the airspace while a PAR approach is taking place; whether this is possible, however, depends on the current workload of civilian ATC.