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Hannover can be staffed with one ground controller. The area of responsibility is shown in the picture. Ground covers all parking positions, taxiways (including holdingpoints) to runway 09R/27L and taxiways south of runway 09C/27C. The area of responsibility for Apron control, which is shown on some charts, is not applicable on VATSIM. Delegation: The green coloured area is in Tower responsibility by default. This area can be delegated from Tower to Ground.


Area of Responsibilities at Hannover Airport

Crossings: When Tower delegates the north area to the Ground controller, there are two options for coordinating the crossings. This is decided by Tower.

  1. General release for crossings until further notice, Tower shall inform Ground when traffic is approaching runway 09C/27C
  2. Each crossing is coordinated with Tower

Parking and Pushback

Stands: The DFS Pack includes the GroundRadar-Plugin which assigns parking positions by the airline and aircraft.  In case of blocked gates, traffic flow/management concerns or pilot request, another position can be used. Stands marked with A are reserved for Heavy aircrafts, stands marked with R are taxi-out positions. Both types may block bordering gates.

Terminal Positions Airlines
A 1 - 6 Star Alliance (e.g. DLH, SWR) and EWG, AFR, KLM
B 7 - 12 touristic carriers: THY, CXI, SXS
C 13 - 20 TUI and CFG
Cargo 45 - 61 Cargo (e.g. ASL, ABR)

General Aviation: There are three Aprons reserved for general aviation. Due to the airport layout, each apron has different restrictions which have to be met when traffic is instructed to taxi to the specific apron.

GA Apron Restriction
GA1 max wingspan 20 m
GA2 max wingspan 15 m
GA3 max wingspan 36 m, above 29 m towing required

Pushbacks: In Hannover, it is very important to use the apron and its taxiways efficiently. It is useful to instruct pushing traffic creative routings to avoid congestion. It may be more efficient to instruct to pushbacks in the direction away from the runway to keep up a taxi direction. Additionally, it can be useful to instruct pushbacks on A2 (facing south) so other traffic can taxi via A1.

De-Icing: Hannover offers two de-icing pads in the west parking area. DP1 is located between stand 60 and 59, DP2 is located between stand 53 and 54.When traffic requires, stands between DP1 and DP2 can be used for de-icing.


Standard routings: Depending on the operating direction, there are standard routings for taxiing traffic.
When runway direction 27 is active, F is used for southbound and L for northbound traffic. When runway direction 09 is active, F is used for northbound and L for southbound traffic. In low traffic situations L, can be used bidirectional.



Standard routing during 09 operations
Standard routing during 27 operations

For traffic taxing to runway 09L/27R always instruct to hold short of runway 09C/27C.

DLH016, taxi via A1 L1 L and M, hold short of runway 27C

Depending on the status of the delegateable area a runway crossing will be instructed according to the described schemes or a handoff to Tower shall be instructed.

Runway WTC Intersection
27L M (+ H) A
27R H M
L + M N
09R M (+H) E
09L H H + G
M J + K + Kto
L K + Kto

Preferred intersections are bold

Arriving traffic: To keep up fluent traffic, arrivals on 09L/27R always get taxi instructions according to standard routings and a clearance for crossing of runway 09C/27C. The handoff will be given by Tower as early as possible.

Helipads Hannover has three helipads at the airport which can be used for arriving and departing helicopters. Tower shall coordinate with Ground to achieve spacing between arriving or departing helicopters and taxing traffic, since the helipads are on the taxiways.

Helipad Location Conditions
Helipad 1 crossing taxiways A and C no traffic on C
no traffic on A between stands 45 and 41
Helipad 2 on taxiway L, south of runway 09C no arrivals/departures from 09C/27C
no traffic on F and L between G and M
Helipad 3 on taxiway M between T2 and O no arrivals/departures from 09C/27C
no traffic on M between T2 and O

Taxiway Restrictions:

Taxiway Restriction
K between RWY and Kto, ICAO class C or less
Kto no A346, A35K, B773, B77L
L and F dual use: wingspan <70 m
no A388, B779, A124, A225
J no A346
N only medium except A400M, B752, B753
O max. wingspan 20 m
P max. wingspan 17 m
Q max. wingspan 36 m

Efficient Traffic Management

In Hannover, the Ground controller is the most important station to guarantee an efficient traffic flow. For this, there are some points to keep an eye on while staffing Ground.

  • Delay pushbacks if needed to prevent overloaded holdingpoints or taxiways in the terminal area
  • plan pushbacks and their routing the most efficient way
  • creative routings, e.g. via F1 C A A2 to relieve A1/L1 between stand 1 and 9

Low Visibility Operations (LVO)

When Hannover has to operate in low visibility conditions, the procedures change up a bit. Runway 09R/27L is preferred for departures, runway 09L/27R on request or for departing heavy aircraft. Runway 09L/27R shall be used for arrivals.
During low visibility operations, the departure and arrival spacing is increased. Delays may be issued earlier than in normal conditions.